LNH: Cover Gallery #32i

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LNH: Cover Gallery #32i



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A baby version of Eggplant the Komodo Dragon has its little baby jaws

tightly attached to the throat of someone in a nanny's outfit.  The

other Holiday Miracle Pet Babies gaze in horror as blood gushes out of

the adult's neck all over the nice white carpet of their playroom.


Habanero the Fourth of July Miracle Kitten takes his star-spangled

pacifier out of his mouth while shaking his little kitten head and says

in a dialogue balloon, "!Ay, caramba!  What have you done, Eggplant, mi

amigo?!  This is the third nanny -- in just this week!!  Of course the

other two nannies turned out to be Pol Pot and Augusto Pinochet -- so

maybe this nanny deserved to die too?  Maybe?"


The Caption on the Bottom: "Can the Holiday Miracle Pet Babies solve

the Mystery of the Ruthless Dictator Nanny Service -- Before Nap Time



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