MISC: The Girl Who saved the world Part 17

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On 2015-12-14 22:43, George Phillies wrote:

> I seem to be gaining on my critics

I think I can say, we admire your tendency to publish even more 
frequently than weekly, but we can't match it.

>    “In that case,” Holmgren continued, “I propose that we recess until
> after dinner, so that we may receive instructions . I see several
> objection pyramids on the table.   Those might perhaps be the first
> order of business this evening. Is there objection? Hearing none, we are
> recessed.”

It must be some intense diplomacy if the diplomats are working after 
dinner.  Or else that's when *all* diplomacy works best.

> Chapter Four
> The Hidden Fortress
> Morning
> January 12, 2018
> The Healing Matrix had promised: I would wake before sunrise.  Indeed,
> here it was, not yet seven in the morning, the sky still dark, and I was
> awake. I still hurt a lot.  I was also ravenously hungry.  The Healing
> Matrix had done more in two days than normal healing would do in two
> weeks, but it demanded calories. You can call on gifts instead of
> eating, if you have the right gifts, but that’s not a good idea at my
> age.  Mum was emphatic about that, not that I wouldn’t want her cooking.
> Not eating is an especially bad idea if you are doing high-intensity
> healing, which I am.  You really want solid food to replace all the
> chemical bits and pieces you are consuming.

Well, that's a solid analysis on how to recover from physical trauma.

I still look forward to more.

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