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Wed Dec 9 23:37:26 PST 2015

On 12/3/2015 9:40 PM, George Phillies wrote:
> The Celestial Republic of Prince
> Wang was by no means convinced that there actually was a Namestone.
> After all, if it existed, the Martyr would undoubtedly have given it to
> the Perfect Man, the Emperor of the Middle Kingdom, Lord of All the
> Earth, when the Martyr first arrived on Earth three millennia ago, and
> he had not done so. The IncoAztecan Speaker for the First Speaker
> doubtless agreed with the Celestial Republic’s Ambassador, except of
> course that the Martyr would undoubtedly have given the Namestone to the
> First Speaker, the Living Sun.

But is there anyone who thinks the Namestone or the Martyr are evil

> The garb we saw on video is
> registered with Niederhof’s on the Vienna Ringstrasse, but as you know
> absolutely no one has ever penetrated Niederhof’s security arrangements
> to see the persona behind the garb.

Hm! Impenetrable even to these people? I see.

> I infer that the customer
> paid in gold thalers that were promptly melted down and reminted, so
> there is no DNA trace.


> “Other than that, there is no record whatsoever.  My staff agrees that
> Eclipse is a woman, not too advanced in years, likely early 20s, and
> rigorously trained.

Interesting. I know she's younger than that...

> Moeller straightened his tie. “The Supreme Warlord of All the Germans is
> most concerned with the lack of properly aggressive action by the League
> Elite Persona Brigade.  The moment that the Bearer refused to hand over
> the Namestone, the Bearer should have been summarily executed, without
> giving her any warning or any further argument.

Oh my.

> League resolutions,
> binding on every person in the world, make clear that it is entirely and
> strictly forbidden for any private person to retain custody of the
> Namestone. Equally, League Resolutions, binding on every person in the
> world, make clear that it is entirely and most strictly forbidden for
> any private person to dispute the right of the League to take possession
> of the Holy Namestone for the benefit of all humanity.”
> Buncombe pulled from one of the desk drawers at his side a small glass
> pyramid and set it on the table in front of him.  You won’t, he thought,
> make those claims without a vigorous objection. He was slightly
> surprised when Featherstonehaugh put a similar pyramid on his section of
> the desk.

Oooooh. Nice - I love the show-don't-tellness of the worldbuilding here.

> “We are further particularly concerned that large numbers of persons
> around the world watched this Eclipse persona while she defied the
> entire League and thus the collective wisdom of all mankind. The notion
> that single individuals are entitled to disobey, no, even to question
> the directives of their superiors is entirely and most rigorously
> unacceptable...


Drew "there's fascism and then there's FASCISM" Perron

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