MISC: the Girl Who Saved the World Part 13

George Phillies phillies at 4liberty.net
Fri Dec 4 17:21:48 PST 2015

That position must be categorically rejected by this Executive and by 
extension by all civilized people. Failure to reject this notion will 
leads to riots, disorders, strikes, anarchism, and independent thinking, 
an intolerable state of affairs that must be put down like the mad dog 
that it is.

“Finally,” Moeller said, “the Supreme Warlord of all the Germans notes 
that League Resolutions make it explicitly clear that it is the separate 
and overriding duty of every Great Power to make every effort to arrest 
and capture the Bearer and obtain for the benefit of the League of 
Nations the Gate to Paradise, the Holy Namestone. Accordingly, the 
Supreme Warlord has ordered and directed that the German Elite Persona 
Team is to move immediately to wherever in the world the Bearer is 
found, there to incapacitate her and take control of the Namestone. 
There is of course always a hazard in operations of this type that other 
parties will be injured or that there will be some minor incidental 
damage to property. Such costs are appropriately born by the country in 
which the damage takes place, because if that country had acted in an 
appropriate and rapid manner, the Bearer would have been captured before 
the German Elite Persona Team could have reached the scene to take 
command of the Namestone for the benefit of all humanity.” Additional 
pyramids appeared on various desks. Moeller handed the Speaking Stone to 
Lord Smoking Frog.

“I bring you Greetings from the One World, the Six Regions, and the Land 
of the Obsidian Hummingbird. The First Speaker, the Living Sun, notes 
that the Bearer did not immediately comply with the direct and explicit 
orders of Brigade Leader Valkyria. The First Speaker, the Living Sun, is 
most concerned that Miss Eclipse’s depraved behavior will serve as an 
ill example for the piously faithful and diligently industrious workers 
and peasants of the One World,” Lord Smoking Frog said. “Those people 
are all wonderful citizens of our Empire, but like all people other than 
the Living Sun they are at risk of being led astray by malevolent 
foreign interests. This risk must be eliminated as rapidly and 
diligently as possible.

“Furthermore, the Assembly of the Tlatoani and the Council of the Realm 
are united in insisting that in the face of a League Resolution this 
Eclipse person owed instant obedience to Commandant Valkyria. That is 
the way it is in all well-ruled countries.  Those who lead direct. 
Those who follow obey without question, hesitation, or thought. When 
Eclipse was seen not to obey, she set the example that disobedience can 
ever be a valid option, which of course it is not. At the first moment 
that she refused to obey, she should have been struck dead.

"Better, of course, she should have been rendered unconscious, separated 
from the Namestone, and then she should have been tortured to death. 
Slowly.  Her agony and death would then have sent a clear message on the 
virtue and correctness of that unthinking obedience that is the true 
strength of all civilized lands. Therefore, we believe a Special 
Commission should immediately be appointed to deal with the most 
important of all questions, choosing for Miss Eclipse the most painful 
and terrifying possible form of execution."

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