MISC: The Girl Who Saved The World Part 12

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Wed Dec 2 17:47:05 PST 2015

I see that with this and the previous episode, we're on to new stuff. 
It would interest me even without the League of Nations description.

I suppose if I ever want to get any deeper into any alternate-world(s) 
political drama, I'll have to describe the relevant worlds as well. 
Heh, just as soon as I get even *more* copious spare time.

On 2015-11-30 20:42, George Phillies wrote:
> The astute reader will note that while this is the way certain sorts of
> diplomatic meetings are opened, I had the assistance of Infodump Lord
> himself in the writing, there being a *lot* of background here.
> “For the Celestial Republic of the Han, Prince Wang Dongfeng.” Dongfeng
> looked politely around the room, the blank look on his face masking his
> inner thoughts.
> “Speaking for the Emperor of All France, Napoleon the Sixth,  I am
> Imperial Marshall Bernard-Christian Davout.” Davout wore the polychrome
> uniform of a modern French Field Marshal.  It was possible that some
> color had been omitted from his ensemble, but if so it was by oversight.
> For all his military decorations, Davout’s country including its
> not-protectorates from the Caribbean to the Eastern Mediterranean was an
> eminently civilized place in which an American could consider living.
> Napoleon might style himself Emperor, but local governments across the
> Empire, such as the Greek and Spanish Kingdoms and the Venetian
> Republic, had an independence that only Frenchmen and Americans found
> entirely reasonable.

... So royalty calls itself a republic, and federations call themselves 
empires.  Oh, why not.  It makes as much sense as most of our own world.

I won't ask what the divergence point was between their history and 
ours.  I'm not sure I could explain that for all of my own stories 
either.  "New Bosnia" in particular was swiped from a "Wall Builder" 
thread which was crowd-sourced on soc.history.what-if.  I can describe a 
mysterious divergence point for that, but not how it resulted in 
competing khans in Russia and China, and so on.

... I enjoyed the original post of "The Girl Who Saved The World", but 
didn't read most of the reposts.  Still, I'm excited to see it continue.

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