[LNH20/HCC] Bite-Size Tales of the LNH v20 #14: 'Symbols' [HCC55]

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 28 14:55:07 PDT 2015

On Fri 28 August 2015 Mike (mdfriedman at gmail.com) wrote:
> Nice job! Really enjoyed it, even though I'm not familiar 
> with Professor Penumbra. Any reading suggestions for more on 
> his backstory?
Thank you.  The short list of stories, plus character notes and 
especially backstory, is available on his wiki entry: 
By co-incidence Arthur's series of LNH wiki retrospectives made 
me think:
"Oh yeah.  There'll be an entry for Professor Penumbra.  I wonder 
if there's any stories that I've missed or that I'm simply 
blanking on that show I should be writing him as something other 
than Occultism Kid with the serial numbers filed off."
Answer: There's a few subtle points of differentiation.  But, no, 
for the most part their characteristics tend to blend together 
in my headspace.
Saxon Brenton
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