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> Cleric comics presents
> 	Saber #9
>        Downward Spiral part 1 of 6
>             Love Thyne Enemy
> Eric thought to himself "I must be crazy to keep going
> out with her I mean she's an Employee it doesn't look
> right."  He got dress in a suit and tie and grabbed his
> tickets for the magic show.  Tonight Gerald Morovian was 
> performing at the music hall and Eric was taking Nina out
> to see it.  They had been going on this way for the past few
> months, ever since the Diner.  Now the cold icy grip of
> December's cold had taken hold of Cytervill, two months had
> past since then.  Eric was feeling like a school kid, and it was
> reflected in his work as Saber, but Saber would not patrol 
> tonight.  Tonight was a night for Eric to enjoy, have fun, and
> be with one of the most beautiful women in the city. Eric headed
> for the door and grabbed the keys to his Prowler.  
> Nina sat and talked to her sister, "Why am I doing this I should
> be looking for Saber, not dating my boss." Her sister Tana looked 
> back at her, she was in a long night shirt. "Listen Mr Morgan has
> the Sphinx armor we need not pursue it any further, and we got to 
> keep the armor he let use use as payment.  Besides, who knows
> what info Eric has on Saber.  Go out use him for that and then 
> dump him.  No biggie."
> "Yeah that is easy for you to say,"Nina returned "you haven't met
> Eric.  He is such a sweet man, the type of guy dad would approve
> of." She smilled a little bit.
> "Girl," Tana said "I do belive you are falling in Loooooove" She laughed
> "Oh shut up" Nina smirked as there was a knock on the door. "Coming"
> Nina opened the door in her evening gown and Eric's Mouth dropped.
> He was speechless, Nina looked amazing. He looked her over and
> smiled.  "What are you smiling about?" Nina asked him.
> "Oh, only the fact that I know the most beautiful woman in the city."
> "You are too kind, Eric" Nina said "I'm not all that beautiful"
> >From in the room Tana said "Take the compliment and go see
> your magic show already, You make me wanna hurl."
> "Fine," Nina yelled back "But don't expect a doggie bag for that
> comment."  She then took Eric's Arm and the left.
> The got to the show and sat in the Balcony next to the stage. 
> The magician came on and held up a small Ivory amulet. 
> "One thing before start." He said "Unlike Illusionists, I am a 
> real magician, the differance being I need the help of a Talisment
> to tap into the powers of the universe.  I got this Ivory Star from
> my father.  It allows me to use white magic.  This type of magic
> is healing and protective and allows me to perform most of
> my tricks.  And now on with the show.
> Three hours later .
> "I hope you all enjoyed the show, Thank you" The magician left
> the stage and all the people cleared out.
> "That was enjoyable," Eric said "You hungry?"
> "Famished" Nina replied "Lets get something good"
> "Right, How about some.  How about eating at the Chateau?"
> Nina smiled "Isn't that the type of place you'd take a girl if you
> wanted to.... "She trailed off giggling
> "Only if you're a cad" Eric said "Besides that is all up to you, If
> you want to do something we can."
> "I'll keep it in mind" She said blushing.
> >From the alley, Gerald Morovan yelled "Come back here thief."
> "What the?" Eric said. "That's the Magician, come one lets see 
> what's happening." Eric lead Nina around the corner. When the got 
> there the say Stormshadow hovering high in the air, with the Ivory 
> Star in her hands "My employer wants what is his, and I am taking
> it"  Eric ran towards her, but Nina grabbed his arm.
> "No, don't get involved" she said "She looks dangerous." 
> "But she is going to get away with that man's property"
> "isn't that what the police are for? Nina asked and looked into
> Eric's eyes, "Leave it be, it's not like you're Saber.  What can you do?"
> Eric looked back knowing that he was Saber, but he couldn't let
> that fact out. "You're right we will help him call the cops and make 
> sure he is okay." Hearing that Nina smiled and hugged Eric.
> They made a statement to the police when they arrived and
> then Eric dropped Nina home.  "Thanks for the lovely evening
> Eric. I had a great time" Nina said as she leaned in and started
> to kiss Eric right on the lips, deep and Passionately, She then
> pulled back and said "I will see you again?"
> Eric looked at her and said "Anytime you want."
> "Good," She smiled "Good night, Eric"
> "Good night Nina" Eric said as he turned and left almost doing
> cartwheels in the hallway.
> Nina walked in and looked at Tana "So, You got the Star I see."
> "Yeah I did." Tana said "And I got our money too." Tana looked
> at her sister "We have another job from Morgan." 
> "What is it this time?" Nina asked.
> "He want us to kill your new Boyfriend." Tana said
> "What," Nina exclaimed "NO way."
> "Yeah way, don't worry.  I told him no." Tana said "But he
> is sending some others against him. And he told us if we 
> interferr We will suffer the same fate."
> "That bastard" Nina said fuming and went to her room "
> "I'll show him...."
> To be continued.

You know It's been fifteen years since I wrote this and it's horrible. :(  At least to what I know about writing now.  I was a hack. 

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