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On 8/18/2015 11:59 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> Chapter by Michael Kelly creator of the LNH character
> Myk-El..

Ah, yes. That was a whole weird situation itself. @.@

>     The newcomer gave a toothy smile. "You can call me Tito, the Ultimate
>     Kid!"
>     "I hate that moniker. I hereby rechristen you 'Tito, the Ultimate
>     Fool.'" Just then, a half ton of grapefruit fell on the mad doctor
>     from above. "Nobody insults my kid brother but me!" cried a voice
>     from the rafters. As a young woman, similar in appearance and dress
>     to the first youth slid down a rope, she shouted: "Score another
>     victory for Tina, the Ultimate Girl!"

Srsly, "Kid" is a gender-neutral word, you can both be "Ultimate Kid". >:/

>     Tina was shocked. "If he lives that long, you mean." Tito nodded.
>     Just then, Paragon stirred. "uhmilate mahbl" were the only words to
>     pass through his lips. "What did he say?" asked Tina.

Of course! Ultimate Mable! Only the sparkliest stickers can save him n--

>     "I think he wants us to carry him to the Ultimate-Mobile. Maybe there
>     is something there that can save him."

Oh. Or that.

>     "Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the new manager of the Dixon City
>     Dodgers, Spurgo the Conquestor!"
>     The crowd gasped as the seven-hundred foot tall massive hulk of evil
>     stepped out from behind the Barkington Building.
>     "Mortals. Spurgo the Conquestor has agreed to save your pathetic
>     baseball team. This will only happen after Spurgo has enslaved your
>     world. Prepare yourselves for the final glory that awaits the
>     genetic insult you call... humanity."

Ahhhhh, I love Silver Age-y plot setups.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, Spurg-oh-no!

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