8FOLD: Mighty Medley # 20, August 2015, by Messrs. Brenton, Perron, Russell, and Stokes

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Fri Aug 7 21:28:51 PDT 2015

On 8/7/2015 8:47 PM, Tom Russell wrote:
>     The manservant nimbly flies down the secret staircase to join his
> bizarre master in the eerie Hall of Miseries! His master looks
> furious! ...But that could just be that he's presently wearing Head
> No. 2, which is always on fire, the flesh smoked and black and
> cracked, which lends THE HEADSMAN a grim and diabolical aspect...!


> Not since last Wednesday, and that was
> at your express direction, as you had run into a spot of bother while
> sporting Head No. 7, the Tiger's Head, which gives you all the powers
> of a tiger!"

I mean, he's burning bright *right now*.

>     "Number 13!" exclaims Winslow. "The Forbidden Head!"


>     "Aptly-named!" says the Headsman. "For it is the most dangerous
> head of all! When attached, it renders its wearer completely
> invisible! But it drives the wearer mad! I've only used it once
> before!"

The Head of Gyges? Though perhaps it's more like the Head of Vecna.

>     "It was before our bargain, Winslow!" says the Headsman. "Your
> predecessor saw me use it before he died! ...In fact, IMMEDIATELY
> before he died!" He laughs maniacally, another eerie side-effect of
> Head No. 2!

Oh my. :D :D :D This is so very Golden Age

>     "Indeed!" says the Headsman. "And he's already quite mad! If he
> should get his hands upon my Forbidden Head, and place it on his
> devious neck, I am afraid the result would be Double Madness!"


>     "But the Baron is prevented from entering my Hall of Miseries due
> to its special radiations which are fatal specifically to his person,
> and his alone!" As always when this is mentioned, Winslow is not
> particularly assured by this.


>     "A red hair!" says Winslow.
>     The Headsman laughs. "No, Winslow! Not a hair! Though I can see how
> you might think that!" (Really, not a fan of the Thinking Head!)


>     Thank goodness!, thinks Winslow. Anything is better than that
> insufferable, condescending, know-it-all Thinking Head! Anything at
> all!
>     "Let the air be filled with the shrill, piercing, unnerving screams
> of the Cursed Head of the Shriek Owl!"


>     The question gave Fn'ordh pause, but eventually he nodded. "There
> is a saying: 'Better to die a free man than live a slave.' Have you
> heard it before?"
>     =The form is unfamiliar to me, but the content is not uncommon. But
> such sentiments are more appropriate for already short-lived mortals,
> are they not?=
>     Fn'ordh's brow furrowed. "Then perhaps you have never truly lived
> in slavery."

I've commented on this story in private, but man. I really like this part.

>     Only after the daemon discorporated fully did the Librarian let herself weep.

AND THIS. Libby ;.;

> Think of a story where the plot doesn't move forward by
> following a sequential series of tasks or even collecting clues, but
> instead through a series of arbitrary events designed to develop
> character and keep the audience interested."
>     Joan had raised a querying eyebrow at Deidre's vehemence. "I've
> been in a few worlds like that," Deidre explained in return.
> "Admittedly a long, long time ago, but you don't forget that sort of
> thing. It adds a certain level of terror to trying to navigate a
> dreamscape."

Wow, I didn't know Deidre had visited the Looniverse. <3

>     "No, not that way," said Strife. Skin of Snake knew what he meant.

uuuuuuugh ugh ugh ugh kill destroy massacre

>     "Oh," said Adams, rolling the bullet between his palms, up his
> fingers and back down again, "I'm going to kill you with it, Mr.
> Peake."
>     "Without a gun?"
>     "Without a gun," said Adams.
>     "And how will you manage that?" said Peake.
>     "Well, for real and for true, I haven't rightly figured that part
> out just yet," lied Adams. "But when I do, I dare say you will be the
> first to know."

Super. Fuckin. Badass.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, so cool

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