8FOLD: Mighty Medley # 20, August 2015, by Messrs. Brenton, Perron, Russell, and Stokes

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Fri Aug 7 18:37:55 PDT 2015

On 8/7/2015 5:47 PM, Tom Russell wrote:

> -----------------THE FORBIDDEN HEAD-----------------
> ----------------------------------------------------
> ------------Copyright 2015 Tom Russell--------------
 > ...
>     "A red hair!" says Winslow.
>     The Headsman laughs. "No, Winslow! Not a hair! Though I can see how
> you might think that!" (Really, not a fan of the Thinking Head!) "It's
> a string of red yarn! Which means the thief must be the Ragdoll
> Dandy!"

okay, it must be a tiny unraveled bit of red yarn.  I get it now. 
Otherwise, a *butler* would know the difference between yarn and hair.

>     Thank goodness!, thinks Winslow. Anything is better than that
> insufferable, condescending, know-it-all Thinking Head! Anything at
> all!

That's a very honest butler, at least in his own mind.

>     "Let the air be filled with the shrill, piercing, unnerving screams
> of the Cursed Head of the Shriek Owl!"

My, we have some interesting heads here.

> ---------------- EMPRESS OF PAGES ------------------
> ----------------------Part 7------------------------
> -----------Copyright 2015 Colin Stokes--------------
> ...
>      =Fn'ordh.= The Librarian's tone was now somber, formal, grave. =I
> will not call you 'the Lesser', for you shall be the greatest among
> your kind for all the services you render unto me - and ultimately
> unto them as well, in setting them free. Nor will I use your full
> name unnecessarily, only as the occasion demands.=
>     The daemon nodded again, thoughtfully. This was a pleasant turn of -

Well, that's a classic moment.  And I like the True Name.

>      Only after the daemon discorporated fully did the Librarian let
herself weep.

... Pathos!  I like it.

> -----------------BEYOND THE FIELDS------------------
> ---------------------Part 19------------------------
> -----------Copyright 2015 Saxon Brenton-------------
 > ...
>     Joan continued to sit in her seat, apparently sleeping. However a
> careful observer would note that she did not shift about in her sleep,
> neither leaning to one side or the other, nor letting her head drop
> forward. Instead she sat with her eyes closed and her hands folded
> across her lap like some carefully arranged mannequin. And now,
> slightly more than a quarter hour out from Berlin, she inhales deeply
> and opens her eyes, and says, "I think we may have a problem."

... Oh, my, is heroic stoic Nazi sacrifice about to interfere with 
something?  I'm interested in finding out.

> --------------------CLEVER GIRL---------------------
> ----------------------------------------------------
> -----------Copyright 2015 Andrew Perron-------------
> ...
>    They had managed to trap it in a glass cage. It paced back and
> forth, fluffing its colorful feathers, examining them with focused
> orange eyes, fangs glinting red in the emergency lighting.
>    "What do we do with it?"
>    "Contact Advanced Research."
>    "No! If they know about this breach, they'll extirpate us all!"

... gee, Andrew, it must be fun to say "extirpate".  8{D>

>    "Maybe we should let it go," suggested a youthful, feminine voice.
>    They spun and looked at the small, birdlike dinosaur, looking back up at them.
>    "It can talk!?"

Heh.  Contributors can put stuff like *this* into your universe, Tom?  A 
species war could be kind of world-shaking.  But in a good way.

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