REPOST: RAC Challenge! Ch. 1

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at
Thu Aug 6 19:53:59 PDT 2015

Adrian posted:
>Reviving RACChallenge is somewhere deep in my half baked idea list, along w=
>ith trying to resurrect the PATROL imprint (I always wanted to write a Gree=
>n Lantern type story, and the original Patrol story was declared public dom=
>ain, so...) But this is something that should probably wait until we've got=
> more people and more activity. I hope we can manage it someday, though.

Yeah, it would be nice to see another one.  I suppose if you could get like six or seven
people to participate that would probably be enough for one.

I'd love to participate in one if it ever happens again.

Arthur "That's one.." Spitzer
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