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Wed Aug 5 22:37:15 PDT 2015

Also, it's interesting - this is essentially what one of the big storylines is 
about: Usenet, and the need for new readers.

To simplify outrageously:

The Legion of Net.Heroes is the biggest storytelling universe on RACC. It's a 
superhero-based setting (actually several different universes' worth of 
settings) that's heavy on parody and metafiction, but also has a lot of genuine 
plot, characterization, worldbuilding and emotion.

A recent plot in this world has been the Crossover Queen, one of those great bad 
guys who thinks they're the hero of the story, gaining cosmic powers and going 
on a crusade to restore Usenet to its former glory by starting the Ultimate 
Crossover and conquering every site on the Internet. (System Corrupters #32 is 
actually a flashback to the beginning of this quest.) The latest step in this 
conflict has been in Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade That Will Probably Never 
Have an Ending, which was a story about (among other things) overcoming apathy 
and still caring about this crazy little fictional world.

So, essentially, we're taking the need for new blood, and the problem of how to 
get it and how to keep things going, and putting it straight into the text and 
adding colors and explosions and silly names. It's fun! <3

(And if you want to read the aforementioned story: 

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, intertextuality 4eva

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