REPOST: RAC Challenge! Ch. 1

Andrew Perron pwerdna at
Wed Aug 5 20:04:00 PDT 2015

On 8/4/2015 8:52 PM, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> Was looking through RACC archives for something to
> read (or reread) and stumbled upon that RAC Challenge
> folder and then thought to myself that I should really
> repost these to RACC so those people who weren't around
> in 1995 can gasp in wonderment over this completely insane
> series.

Oh man. I read this a while back and it is *fascinating*. It has all the 
weirdness of LNH cascades, only more so in a lot of ways. (And the second one is 
an *excellent* example of how *not* to do a chapter in a cascade. Actually some 
parts of this are too, but they really pulled it together in the end.)

> Although he had seen young toughs entering and leaving the warehouse,
> he never saw another party come or go. Who was supplying the criminals, and how
> did they remain undetected?

I'm surprised no one made a Willy Wonka reference.

> "And so the Fates once more pit the ultimate man against the ultimate mind!"
> exclaimed Doctor Malevo.

That's a really good line, TBH.

> Dirk scanned the room. Even in this moment of desperation he had to admire
> Doctor Malevo's thoroughness. Trap doors had concealed vault encasements which
> now blocked every exit. Dirk supposed that these encasements were made of the
> same reinforced concrete as the walls. He knew that not even his super-human
> strength would enable him to force an opening. Dirk saw no windows or vents
> either.
> Doctor Malevo must have perceived Dirk's alarm, because once again he began to
> laugh. "God, I hate that laugh," said Dirk quietly to himself. Yet at the
> moment it looked like the sinister cackle would be the last thing that Paragon
> ever heard.

This is also a strong cliffhanger! Of course, the cliffhangers in this were 
generally resolved in... *interesting* ways. I don't remember how this one 
turned out; let's see!

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, how challenging

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