LNH/HCC: Just Another Cascade #12 part B

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 20:15:42 PDT 2015

On 4/5/2015 5:06 PM, Adrian J. McClure wrote:
> On Sunday, April 5, 2015 at 4:03:08 PM UTC-4, Arthur Spitzer wrote:
>> Just wanted to say that I enjoyed this.  Nice use of the Legionof Net.Hippies.
>Thanks! I also wonder what'd happen if they succesfully changed history and
 > Anti-Christ Lad wound up taking a different course--will the LNH's history
 > change or will a new timeline be created? Of course, the present-day, evil
 > ACL could still exist, considering angels and demons are weird with time.

I was imagining it being sort of like the "soft retcons" that ongoing 
franchises use, gently slipping into It Was Always Like This, Remember. Or 
maybe it doesn't change what happens, but it retroactively strengthens the 
present-day ACL's true self, and we have a big astral battle.

>> As has been pointed out by others, Rob posted something this year.  Still, yeah,
>> it looks like 8FOLD is posed to take over as the biggest RACC Imprint.
>I'd say a lot of that's due to the Mighty Medley--the microfiction
 > anthology model suits the way the internet is set up better than many other
 > series, given the way the setup and economics of social media.

Very much so, yes! <3

 > Although that hasn't stopped me from continuing to try and write "longform"
 > RACC issues, since I'm stubborn as hell. However, I am trying to diversify
 > a bit--the UM v20 issues are going to be shorter and more frequent. (This
 > is a consciously "oldschool" LNH series in some ways even though it's in a
 > new-ish setting.)

Diversity in what we're putting out is verreh important - I'm trying to get 
that in my stuff, and I think I'm getting there slowly.

>> I suppose it could just be a cycle.  I think in 2010 was a year in which it seemed
>> like only Saxon and Andrew were posting LNH stories (with occasional post
>> by other writers.
>Nothing can stop Andrew Perron from writing LNH stories. The universe can
 > end and there'll still be more stories about some version of Kid
 > Enthusiastic.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww <3 Yeah, it's deep, deep in my psyche. The time period between 
2005 and 2009, when I was just sort of avoiding the idea of writing LNH, was 
just... weird.

>> I'll try to post an LNH story this year (although that depends on if I get the
>> inspiration for something or have a funny idea ... so who knows.)
> Good! Andrew and I are trying to get the inspiration flowing.

YEAH. <3 Shoot inspirations all over the multiverse!

>> I figure the LNH will at least hang along to get to its 25th anniversary.  After
>> that... who knows.
>Given our track record, we'll finally wind up finishing our 25th
 > anniversary on our 30th anniversary.

I've been thinking about doing a story about that - the characters starting 
"The LNH 30th Anniversary Special" now because hey, they take so long anyway

 > Although, that makes me think--JAC wound up working really well as a 20th
 > anniversary story for RACC as a whole.

It's true! <3 Especially considering that the point we brought Pliable Lad 
forward from was when its very existence was being debated.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, perfect, eh?

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