LNH/HCC: Just Another Cascade #12 part A

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Wed Apr 1 18:09:49 PDT 2015

On 4/1/2015 12:14 PM, Adrian McClure wrote:

> "Very well then!" said LAN.os "And remember, if you do not retrieve the
> Kube and bring me to this world, I will kill every one of these LNHers!"

Heh, you got me wondering if the Turkish garrison of New York City/TW03 
(Turkworld) had to prepare to defend LNH20's artifact.

> "You and what army?" said Token Girl.
> "This one, as it happens." LAN.os pointed to his assembled soldiers.

A modern Turkish army vs. Scum of the Galaxy with Ray-Guns might 
actually be a fair fight.

> "Yeah," said Net.Access. "Can any of you contact the outside?"
> "Of course we can coordinate, man," said Dr. Turn-On-Tune-In-Drop-Out.
> "I'll just use my mega-groovy astral form! Just give me a moment to trip
> out…" He pulled something from his pocket.

> "Is that a fruit rollup?" said

... oooh, it's a Complete-the-Sentence Challenge!  So here goes.

     "Is that a fruit rollup?" said - Powernaut 1969!

     Dr. Turn-On-Tune-In-Drop-Out looked to one side.

> "It's not just any fruit rollup, man! It's a Fruit Rollup of
> Enlightenment, engrooved with the patterns of the cosmos."

     Net.Access looked at the Doctor.  "Who're you talking to?

     "An old buddy from across the universes, man!"

> "Well, whatever works," said Net.Access. "Anyway, can you join with your
> teammates and arrange some kind of jailbreak?"


> Burning Bra Lass struggled against her bonds, as Anti-Christ Lad
> attempted to send forth his soul-self beside her. The ghostly form of
> Dr. Turn-On-Tune-in-Drop-Out appeared in midair in front of them. "Whoa,
> this is radical!" he said.

*And* it's a literal bondage scene with a scantily-clad woman and a 

> .o(I… um… whoa! Look at that, man! I can hear the cosmos resonate…
> Seriously what if, like, our universe was like one small atom in this
> massive cosmic macrostructure? You ever think about that?)

Seriously, he's right... at least as far as the LNH is concerned.

> Two of the Dorf guards, soldiers left over from the invasion the LNH had
> fought as well as other factions of the prolonged Dorf Civil War that
> had since fallen apart [see LNH v2 #50], charged in after her, rifles at
> the ready.

Ahh, a Civil War is exactly what the Dorfs need.

> "Well, it looks as if we managed the prison break, and bagging LAN.os,"
> said Catalyst Lass. "Now we just find the Kube. That should be pretty
> easy for you as a time ship, right?"
> "I—" The console room shook. "Uh," said Net.Access, "I'm not sure how
> long I can hold this together. I'm channeling these equations from
> another universe, but I don't really understand them. But I should be
> able to grab the Kube."

... oooh, now someone else is going after Turkworld!  But no one can 
understand its equations!

> "I see," said Dr. Stomper. A golden glow was making its way up the
> holes, slowly patching them, but not as fast as they were growing.
> "We'll have to stimulate the inspiration particles somehow. It should be
> possible to restore the universe as long as nobody's started any
> cascades since this one." He opened the LNH wiki and skimmed the list of
> recent stories.
> "Hey," said Pliable Lad, looking over his shoulder, "what's Death of
> Trophy Wife?"
> "Oh dear," said Dr. Stomper.
> And then the multiverse exploded.

heh.  (to be continued!)

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