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On 9/16/2014 2:27 AM, Andrew Perron wrote:

> The Great Alice #1-7
> "The Offer", "The Wish", "The First Encounter", "The Stairs", "The Next
> Encounter", "The Skates", and "The Down Time"
> A Miscellaneous [MISC] series
> by James Mason
> "Those who are into magical girl series will probably be familiar with
> Puella Magi Madoka Magica, a vaguely Watchmen-esque deconstruction of
> magical girl series. What James is doing here feels like the equivalent
> of Kingdom Come, reconstructing these elements back together in a new
> way, a thoughtful exploration of mentors, wishes, and energy skates. I
> like it, and I look forward to seeing what else he does with it (hint,
> hint)."

... yeah.  I can't comment on what ain't being written.  8{C>

> Godling #40-41
> "The Fall of Godling part 3: All-New, All-Different!" and "The Rise of
> the New Godling part 1: Trial By Fire"
> A Miscellaneous [MISC] series
> by Jochem Vandersteen
> "Mark, the new Godling, is an interesting character - different from
> your standard stuck-up celebrity stereotype. He freely admits that he's
> kind of shallow, loves adulation, and is probably not the right choice
> for this, but heck, if the gods want to give him power and even more
> fame, then sure! Personally, I like him, and I'm hoping when Quentin
> steps back into the role - because c'mon, guys, Jochem's does archetypal
> stories - he stays on, in a sort of Superboy or Steel role."

heh, I think somehow that when the powers shuffle around the next time, 
it might be connected to a power shuffle in Olympus itself.  As in, "Why 
do our interventions always go wrong?"

> Powernaut 1969 #6-9
> "You Need To Learn What Hypergaard Is!", "Who Here Can Hunt?", "Can We
> Just Call Ourselves Powernauts?", and "Gah! They Can See Us!"
> A Superhuman World [SW10/WWW] webcomic
> by Scott Eiler
> "The Power Patrol discovers the four-dimensional world of Hypergaard and
> its hyperlegends - including the cross-era lifetime-snatching terror of
> the Hyper-Piper!"
> "Scott's going into some strange, disturbing, fascinating territory in
> this storyline, and I approve. I especially like the 'you are like
> knives to us' thing - an entirely reasonable extension of the
> 'multidimensional' concept - and the appearances of young versions of
> characters we've seen be important later."

In retrospect, I have to wonder how the in-universe writer pulled off 
portrayals of The Heroes Of The Future which were so wonderful the next 
writers were faithful to them for the next 30 years.  A period writer 
would probably have designated the Future Powernaut to be Paula, for 
instance.  But on the other hand, the future writers added some stuff 
not shown in 1969 - like Li'l Wyatt's head (not) being on fire because 
he also has biker demon powers 
(http://www.eilertech.com/stories/1988/me1.htm#hell).  It's as if the 
1969 writer tripped out and saw so much of the future he just said, 
"Okay.  That's it.  No cute little biker demon boy."

> Ripping Off King Arthur #193-199
> A webcomic [WWW] series
> by Arthur Spitzer
> "The really interesting part of this is what happens with strip #200,
> and I'm definitely going to be reviewing that next month/actually
> probably next week, but the build-up here - with Dr. Deadbeat's demented
> plan, and the proto-mechanical-webcartoonists - is fascinating."

Dr. Deadbeat is awfully motivated to do the John Constantine thing.  But 
so is John Constantine, for that matter.  Some mystic anti-heroes get 
into adventures by being blatant weirdness magnets and then being not 
evil enough to avoid doing something like the right thing.  (I like to 
think that explains Wyatt Ferguson too.)  I'm not sure Dr. Deadbeat is 
attracting weirdness to him, though.  Perhaps he's attracted to it.

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