PROMO: Dynamite Radical!

Andrew Perron pwerdna at
Mon Sep 1 19:33:24 PDT 2014

So I fell behind on the group for a bit. ^^; July reviews will be coming out 
shortly, August reviews soon thereafter.

As for how I fell behind... well, I've been working on some stuff. Maybe some 
of it is stuff I hope to publish.

Maybe, kind of, some of it is stuff THAT I'VE ACTUALLY GOTTEN PUBLISHED WOO:

Magical girls! Dinosaurs! Ridiculous plot devices! AND YET ANOTHER FREAKING 

Now, while I appreciate a sales bump, you won't have to buy the book to 
experience the story - I'm going to post a special RACC-only 
three-issue-miniseries version! (After all, I want to be eligible for the 
RACCies, right?)

Furthermore, in the long term, I want to open the universe up to other 
writers. Eventually, I'm going to release a Superamazing Sourcebook to make it 
easy to join in!

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, and don't worry - I'm not going to stop 
writing LNH, nor Eightfold, nor others.

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