MISC: GODLING # 42: The Rise of the New Godling part 2: The New Model by J. Vandersteen

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Mon Oct 13 02:19:12 PDT 2014

On 9/9/2014 9:39 PM, jvdsteen1974 at gmail.com wrote:
>Tricia is and Mark are in bed, she is sitting upright, covering her naked
 > body with the sheets.

I like how this uses TV censorship, even though it's prose and impossible to 
see anyway.

 > "I just can't understand how much I feel for you. I've never felt this much
 > for a man ever before."
>      "Just my natural animal magnetism, I guess," Mark says. In fact I've
 > been channelling the powers of Aphrodite, but I'd better keep that a secret.


>      Mark holds up his hands. "Whoa, whoa! I didn't say that. I was thinking
 > she might enjoy... hanging out with us though."


>       "What a showboat... Well, the Olympians didn't wait long before the
 > picked a new Godling, that's for sure. Who is that guy anyway? And why do
 > the Olympians think he will do a better job? But wait... He sounds
 > different than I did. And the locks and robots guarding Tartarus II react
 > to my unique voice pattern as Godling... I created that prison right after
 > defeating Master Destiny (in Godling #21), and while the robots I created
 > are looking after the superpowered inmates I used to fly by as Godling
 > regularly to see if things were working okay, repairing stuff with the
 > powers of Hephaestus. I used to make sure there was enough food grown
 > inside using the powers of Demeter, goddess of agriculture. What if that
 > guy doesn't think about it. Or can't get in because his voice pattern is
 > wrong? The inmates will starve!"

A well-set-up conflict.1

>     "We come for Bonnie Colter," one of the monks says. "There she is!"
>     "Even prettier in real life, right?" Mark quips.


>      "Wow, chanelling Ares' fighting skills rocks!" Godling says. "I never
 > fought like this before."
>     "You didn't?" Bonnie asks, surprised.

Mark you're so bad at this

>      "That takes care of those creeps," Godling says. "Now you can give me
 > your thank-you-kiss, baby."
>     "Wow, you are one cocky guy, aren't you?" Bonnie says.
>     "Isn't that how us swashbuckling heroes act? Han Solo would!"

Maaaaaaaaark. Mark Mark Mark. Oh, Mark.

>      She really plays hard to get, Godling thinks, flying through the air. I
 > might have to use Aphrodite's power on her tonight to convince her a bit.


>  Quentin steps out of a taxi in front of Tartartus II. He thinks, I forgot
 > how expensive cabs are. As Godling I had no need for them anymore, just
 > flying over places or run with the speed of Hermes. Well, I have arrived.

Wait, where is Tartarus II again?

>      "Everything is under control. You are behaving in a suspicious manner.
 > Please stand back."
>      "I just want to help," Quentin pleads.
>       "You were warned," the robot says and fires a red blast from his eyes,
 > hitting Quentin. The professor falls down on the ground, smoke coming from
 > his body...

Okay so, Quentin. Next time, don't base the robots' programming on the 
Missouri police force.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, is that reference the right level of 
bitterness, or does it tip over into not funny? I worry.

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