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Thu Oct 9 23:35:23 PDT 2014

On 10/10/2014 12:11 AM, Scott Eiler wrote:
> The Big Stories are what catch my attention right now.  And I didn't even set
> out to write an apocalypse-story, but I will admit it's big.


>> "Ellipsis is one of the central characters of the Superhuman World.
>> Despite being created in the early '90s, Ellipsis feels more like a
>> post-9/11 character, all about geopolitics and superpowers as
>> instruments of systemic change.
> heh, I recall Warren Ellis doing power politics with Doom 1999 in the early
> '90s.  I think I precede him.

True, but I'm talking about the era when Warren Ellis got big - The Authority 
and suchlike.

> My contributors get the credit for pushing
> Ellipsis that direction even before then.  I game-mastered "Superhuman Control
> Initiative" scenarios at conventions in 1992, in which Ellipsis shifted his
> operations to the Bahamas - provided his hirelings could save him.  I had
> great fun making Ellipsis scenarios warp his universe, and so did the players.

Ooooooooh, fascinating. I love pulling in outside influences and doing 
collaborative art.

>> "In mainstream comics, such a character
>> tends to pull others into his wake, retcons and revelations making them
>> more a part of his world. But Scott pulls a fascinating trick here, by
>> rooting him suddenly and deeply in Silver Age-y Kirby-inspired
>> psychedelia - and that's not even the most important or interesting
>> thing about this story!"
> I sincerely thank you for your fascination about my trickiness.  But I hadn't
> intended it to be a regrogression tricky thing.  It is more a *standard*
> trick, because I operate a *shared* universe.  I have three "title" characters
> for my stories:  Ellipsis, Wyatt Ferguson, and the Powernaut.  When they meet,
> each one prevails depending on whose story it is.  That's kind of a shared
> universe rule.

I would say it still counts; whatever the reason for it, your willingness to 
subsume serious to ridiculous counts for a lot.

> The characters already had some amusing interactions in 2004-2005 text
> stories.  The Powernaut was around for the 2005 stories.  This peaked when
> Wyatt and the Powernaut published rival versions of the same story, known by
> the Powernaut as "Power Patrol, September-October 2005" and by Wyatt as "The
> Dark Maneuvers"! (http://www.eilertech.com/stories/2005/powerpatrol2.htm)  I
> emphasized the Powernaut's version when I published his 2005 cartoon "Workin'
> for the Powernaut!".  I promise more of the same.

Nice! <3

> My title characters have their own personalities, of course.  Each has
> influenced me in turn.  Psychoanalysts would probably call the Powernaut my
> Id, Wyatt my Ego, and Ellipsis my Superego.  I think the Powernaut is actually
> making me a more pleasant human being right now - especially since I draw him
> in public while I have dinner, and people usually confuse Powernaut 2005 with
> me.  (|8{D>

Awwwwwww. <3

>> "Also, I love these tiny-huge artistic details, like the multicolored
>> definitely-not-Infinity gems revolving around the Pentahedron along with
>> masked metaphors of characters' power.Scott is just a plain good
>> cartoonist, artwise and writingwise."
> Thanks.  Just, thanks.

Don't mention it! <3

>> "The plot is... amazing and abstract. It really does feel like a
>> psychedlic '70s cosmic comic was adapted sometime in the early 1600s.
>> Even the flirting feels lyrical. This is awesome."
> I'm mostly impressed at how the other stories set up a galactic war scenario,
> and then this one brought in something else from right angles to reality.

Yeah! <3

> I don't catch the emotional conflict so much, but the story *is* all
> personal.  Poor Sybilla Super-Bee and Petar Super-Wizard...  But I do get some
> underlying power politics.  Whaat, Super Wizards were supposed to protect us,
> but now we have super-beezzs and super-mummy-machines? And next, we take the
> Super-Wizard Homeworld!

This is some super-space-hegemony, I'll tell you what.

>> Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, got to... catch up...
> I probably have to let go some more.  Here I am on pre-vacation night.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, let it go~ let it go~

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