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On 11/22/2014 7:17 PM, Tom Russell wrote:
> On Saturday, November 22, 2014 12:03:08 PM UTC-5, Andrew Perron wrote:
>> On 11/21/2014 10:44 PM, Tom Russell wrote:
>One really clever thing about PANDEMIC is that you have two decks-- an
 > Infection deck that puts diseases into cities, and the player deck from
 > which you draw at the end of your turn. The latter are mostly "good" cards,
 > and a single player needs to get five cards of a type in order to cure one
 > of the four diseases. But there are also bad cards in that player deck--
 > think of them as the cards that make the Island sink faster-- and when
 > those happen, you shuffle the *discards* of the Infection deck and put them
 > back on top of that deck. So the diseases will crop up over and again in
 > some of the *same* areas. "C'mon, Mumbai, I just cured you-- what are you
 > doing?"

Mwahahahaha. (Yeah, that doesn't seem too far off from how real diseases work, 
considering. x-x)

 > BTW, are you on Board Game Geek at all? It's like Facebook and Wikipedia
 > for board games wrapped up in one. You might be able to find a group near
 > you that can teach you Pandemic to see if it's something you want/need to
 > purchase.

Oh yeah. Well, not the forums, but I've looked stuff up on there, and bought 
stuff - like our copy of Mystery Express.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, into the Deep Game Pool

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