LNHY/META: Tenth Anniversary Mini-Event!

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Excellent. <3

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> Sorry, was using your original entry as a template and forgot to erase it
> all out :) Here it is again, in hopefully a cleaner format…
> - - -
> NAME: Lady Spurious
> CREATED BY: Wil Alambre
> TYPE: Usable Without Permission
> SECRET IDENTITY: Emelita Erstaz
> POWERS: Originally an intellectual property lawyer until a freak accident
> fuse her DNA with that of a off-warranty office copy machine. Her body was
> transformed into a highly photoconductive material while her head and spine
> turned into blinding liquid light. Now, whenever she lifts the visor on her
> helmet, the light scans whoever she looks at and imprints upon her an
> imperfect duplicate of their copies the talents, abilities, and powers.
> This has the side-effect of changing the color of her costume to match the
> color of her source's costume, making her an inferior "Lady" version of
> that person (example, "Lady Kicked-Out", "Lady Firefighter", "Lady
> Exclamation!Master!", etc)
> ADDITIONAL NOTES: Very much a follower than a leader. Lacks originality,
> preferring to ape those she admires instead and parrot their opinions as
> her own. Very much wants to some day become an artist, someone creative in
> her own right, but lacks confidence in her own ideas.
> APPEARANCE: Red costume with a fat X that crosses her entire torso.
> Oversized helmet made of off-white plastic with an opaque glass visor on
> the front that can be slid up.
> ENEMIES: Trademarksman, Knock-Olaf, The Magistraitor
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