LNHY/META: Tenth Anniversary Mini-Event!

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Sun Nov 16 12:46:12 PST 2014

NAME: Lady Spurious

CREATED BY: Wil Alambre

TYPE: Usable Without Permission



POWERS:  Kid Kicked-Out has the ability to be kicked-out of superhero
groups which he's done quite a lot in his career.  Some of the superhero
groups he's been kicked-out of are Teen Fascists, Before God Guys,
Desperately Desperate Desperadoes, and the World's Worst Heroes.  He
also has the ability to be kicked-out of class, out of dimensions, bars,
the army, churches, prison, you name it.  If its a place, thing, or
concept that you can be kicked-out of or kicked-off of he can be and
will be.  He's also invunerable to any physical injury (although he
feels the pain and is more sensitive to it than the average person).

POWERS: Originally an intellectual property lawyer until a freak accident
fuse her DNA with that of a off-warranty office copy machine. Her body was
transformed into a highly photoconductive material while her head and spine
turned into blinding liquid light. Now, whenever she lifts the visor on her
helmet, the light scans whoever she looks at and imprints upon her an
imperfect duplicate of their copies the talents, abilities, and powers.
This has the side-effect of changing the color of her costume to match the
color of her source's costume, making her an inferior "Lady" version of
that person (example, "Lady Kicked-Out", "Lady Firefighter", "Lady
Exclamation!Master!", etc)

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Very much a follower than a leader. Lacks originality,
preferring to ape those she admires instead and parrot their opinions as
her own. Very much wants to some day become an artist, someone creative in
her own right, but lacks confidence in her own ideas.

APPEARANCE: Red costume with a fat X that crosses her entire torso.
Oversized helmet made of off-white plastic with an opaque glass visor on
the front that can be slid up.

ENEMIES: Trademarksman, Knock-Olaf, The Magistraitor

On Sun Nov 16 2014 at 2:19:11 PM Andrew Perron <pwerdna at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 11/16/2014 1:48 AM, Tom Russell wrote:
> > NAME:  Cognitive Dissident
> >       CREATED BY:  Tom Russell
> >       TYPE:  Usable Without Permission
> >       SECRET IDENTITY: Cyrus Afterthought
> >       POWERS: Perception-warping ability to be a member of BOTH the LNH
> *and* the System Corruptors. No one in either organization-- or the world--
> notices this. Not even the Dissident notices this! When he's a member of
> the LNH, the Corrupters know who he is, but not that he's also a member of
> their team, and vice-versa-- it's a Looniversal mental block.
> Ooooooh!
> >       ADD NOTES: Passionate about righting the injustices of a corrupt
> social structure. He just goes about it in different ways-- one
> pseudo-legal-or-at-least-tacitly-condoned, one much less-so-- depending
> on which side he's on at the time.
> Oooooooooooooh!
> >       APPEARANCE: Black costume, with a Molotov cocktail insignia.
> >       ENEMIES: System Corrupters/Legion, depending; The Man.
> Fascinating. <3
> Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, just like when the Flash was a member
> of
> the Justice League Elite. No, wait, not like that at all
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