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I'll be getting more into my additions in Looniverse Y #14, but here's
their entries, along with an important background element since I couldn't
fit anything about their true nature into the issue itself.

NAME:  Dr. Frankencorn
      CREATED BY:  Adrian McClure
      TYPE:  Usable Without Permission
      SECRET IDENTITY:  Not applicable
      ALIGNMENT:  System Corrupter

POWERS:  Dr. Frankencorn is a brillian mad scientist who can create
genetically-engineered monsters of various kinds as his servants. (He's
been unable to reproduce the conditions of his own creation and create
another fully sentient construct as of yet.) He also has a wide variety of
other biotechnological weapons at his disposal, such as mind controlling

APPEARANCE:  A six foot tall ear of corn with a usually-angry cartoon face
and neck bolts.

ENEMIES:  Agribusiness conglomerates, humanity in general

ADD NOTES: The product of GMO crop experiments gone wrong, he considers
himself a sort of Byronic outcast, taking revenge on a world that rejected
him. He's more than a little pretentious. He sees Exclamation!Master! as
his particular archenemy.

FIRST ISSUE:  Looniverse Y #13

NAME:  Princess Robot
      CREATED BY:  Adrian McClure
      TYPE:  Usable Without Permission
      SECRET IDENTITY:  Not applicable
      ALIGNMENT:  LNHer (or is she?)

POWERS:  She can shoot various futuristic rays and communicate with and
command machines.

APPEARANCE:  A blocky 50s-style sci-fi robot in a pretty pink dress and an
impressive tiara.

ENEMIES:  Evildoers, but secretly the entire universe, maybe.

ADD NOTES: Princess Robot appeared out of nowhere one day and asked to join
the LNH. No one knows where she came from or who created her. She comes
across like a big kid, albiet one with vast scientific knowledge. Her
attitude toward humanity is one of affectionate confusion. She's very sweet
but enjoys blowing things up to a slightly worrying degree.

Most of the LNH find her helpful and trustworthy. The truth of who she is,
however, is a little more complicated. She was one of the greatest villains
of a destroyed world, extracted by nefarious forces to hasten the Death of
the Entire Universe, and reprogrammed with a heroic persona which would
deactivate when the time came. Her original nature might manifest at
unpredictable times. However, both sides underestimate her true
capabilities, and whose side--if anyone's--she will ultimately take is far
from clear.

FIRST ISSUE:  Looniverse Y #13 (mentioned), Looniverse Y #14 (forthcoming)

NAME:  The Death of the Entire Universe
      CREATED BY:  Adrian McClure
      TYPE:  Usable Without Permission
      SECRET IDENTITY:  Not applicable
      ALIGNMENT:  Out of range

POWERS:  Will destroy the entire universe.

APPEARANCE:  No one knows what the Death of the Entire Universe looks like,
since by definition they cannot manifest until the universe ends.

ENEMIES:  The entire universe, in a sense, but also people who would
prematurely destroy it (see below).

ADD NOTES: Each individual has a particualr Death, and that applies to the
entire universe as well. There are various cults that worship the Death of
the Entire Universe and seek to hasten its coming. Some cultists want to
create a new world in their own image, some believe destroying the universe
is the only way to free it from the tyranny of gods, and some are desperate
and have nowhere to go. What no one knows, neither the cultists nor their
enemies, is that the Death of the Entire Universe actually loves the
universe (most of the time) and wants to protect it. They have spent the
last uncountable millennia trying to undo the various messes that the
divine powers of the universe have made.

FIRST ISSUE:  Has been behind the scenes all along, really.
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