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Sun Nov 9 08:50:22 PST 2014

On 11/9/2014 7:25 AM, Tom Russell wrote:
 > I *think* the original NHOP is worth reading in its revised TEB edition (I
 > want to say that I cut something like 60K words from the run), with the
 > caveat that it's something I wrote twelve or thirteen years ago. It's more
 > of a melodrama, and still a wee bit unfocused and clumsy even in the
 > revised edition.
>I'd suggest holding off on that though; it'd be interesting and helpful to
 > me to see how someone who is both (1) well-versed in the LNH and (2) not
 > familiar with the previous incarnation reacts to this one, and I'm pretty
 > sure the overlap in that particular Venn Diagram is not particularly large.

Ooooooooh, that's a good point.

 > This series, it should be clear, is not retelling the previous NHOP
 > storyline, but largely shares something of the tone and character
 > relationships of the Classic LNH version. Some of the character histories
 > are a little different, and in some cases that necessitated some dramatic
 > shifts to how those characters behave, present themselves to others,
 > perceive those others. (Those who are familiar will likely note that Lily
 > is quite a bit different, and a lot of that has to do with when she got her
 > powers and when she was born.) So it might be beneficial for you to
 > experience the LNH20 version without having that "Oh, but in the Classic
 > LNH, she was like /this/" going on in the background. (And, like I said, it
 > would certainly be beneficial to me.)

Sounds good! I shall continue my ignorance, then.

>> Oh, yeah. I was wondering more if they actually blamed her, or if it was more
>> of a "too painful" thing.
>That's a good question-- it might very well be the latter, but from
 > Maggie's point of view, it's going to look like the former in either case.

Makes sense!

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