[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #44: The Red Hand Of General Dragutin, part 1

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>> He pauses. "I'm sorry. Your brother is dead."
> ... He continues.  "You believe everything I say, right?"
> ...
> Oh, gee.  The funny thing is, RACC knows where Gavrilo is, and we've been talking about tying that in with a Legion of Net.Heroes plot. (ref.: Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade That Will Probably Never Have an Ending #9!)  But I'm not inclined to send any of my characters to fiddle with a universe which has The Red Hand of General Dragutin.  8{o>  Besides, it looks like your storyline is under nice control - and I think a Super Wizard story works better when Dead is Dead and Gone is Gone.

As far as these characters know, Gavrilo is “dead”. Now, those of us outside this series know he survived (https://groups.google.com/d/msg/rec.arts.comics.creative/dAxku1yySMc/8LvGej8_v-0J), but for the purposes of this story’s outcome, it won’t make a difference. I welcome you to use Gavrilo as needed. In fact, let’s all assume the following characters are free for anyone to use…

- The Devil, the Super-Devil, and the rest of their multi-dimensional variations.

- The ghost fish of the Infinite School of Infinite Oceans.

- Brody Dharma and his Invisible Monks.

- Andy Dharma and his Invisible Monks. Echo Monks?

- The Mummy Machines of Planet M.

- Danilo, the Farthest Wizard From Space.

- Gavrilo, the former Hermit Wizard From Space and current Monster Bee (though check with Scott beforehand).

- Any auxiliary characters introduced in the series, such as Ron the cab driver, Hanaya the sushi chef, etc. 

…I’m going to hang onto the Super Wizard From Space himself, the rest of his race (including Dragutin), Queen Buzz, and her swarm of Monster Bees. I still need to wrap up a few threads there. Gavrilo in his Monster Bee form has started his own swarm of Monster Bees, so you’re welcome to use the “lycanthrop-bees” concept in general. And, as always, any little cameos such as the RACCies are *always* fun and welcome :)

> Yay, more Super Wizard stories!

And hopefully without a year long wait between issues :) The last “Super Wizard From Space” post was made way back in June 2013!

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