LNH/SW/GC/HCC: Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade That Will Probably Never Have an Ending #9: "Merissa Stole the Precious Thing"

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Fri May 16 13:11:29 PDT 2014

On Friday, May 16, 2014 12:24:08 AM UTC-4, Scott Eiler wrote:
> Now that I think of it, on 5/15/2014 9:31 AM, Andrew Perron *also* wrote:
> >>> He had to be careful - he knew how much over-the-top ridiculous
> >>> characters like Ambush Bug and Lobo got twisted around by being part of
> >>> a larger universe. Soon he'd be introspecting, and then angsting, and at
> >>> that point it would be all over except for the part where he got
> >>> rebooted with a committee-approved generically threatening design.
> >>
> >> Ah, how true.
>  >
> > I thought this was a neat bit of satire that also had the effect of
> > covering my ass in case I did mess up the characterization. `-`;
> Funny you should mention Lobo and Ambush Bug, then.  At first they were 
> *both* throwaway weird guys in tights, trying to pick off obscure DC 
> heroes such as the Omega Men and the Doom Patrol.  Only after other 
> writers messed with their characterization did they become the 
> characters we all recognize.

That's quite true - and, really, the same thing happened with Deadpool. (Though the writer who screwed around with Lobo was one of his original creators.) But there's a distinct difference between taking a character with hints of potential and fleshing them out, and taking a fully fleshed-out character and ignoring their distinctive qualities in favor of writing them like every other character in that universe.

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