MISC: GODLING # 39: The Fall of Godling part 2: Powerless! by J. Vandersteen

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> GODLING # 39:  The Fall of Godling part  2: Powerless! by J. Vandersteen


> Quentin took the vial and drank. His wounds closed magically.
> "Thanks. For saving my bacon there and for the potion. And for all
> the advice and believing in me. It was an honour knowing you."
> "As it was mine. Farewell, Quentin." With a flash of pink light she
> is gone.

One quibble:  You mixed tenses here.  But I'm glad to see Our Hero 
survived and wasn't *entirely* betrayed by Our Gods.

> A reporter stands in front of a camera, saying, "We're here at the
> premiere of Days of the Gods where actor/superstar Marcus Brant has
> just  arrived. We're eager to talk to him about his new movie and
 > about the rumours of his relationship with Scarlett Johanson..."
> Just around the corner stand Hermes, Apollo and Ares, eyeing the
> arrival of the superstar. They wear trench coats that hide their
> ancient, godlike attire.

Trench coats don't make a lot of sense in Los Angeles.  Indeed, they'd 
probably stand out more in trench coats than they would in gleaming 
armor.  My kind of Ares would probably dress like a movie stuntman.

> "Are you sure Zeus meant this pretty boy?" Ares asks his brothers.

Now that's my kind of Ares.

> NEXT ISSUE: The All-New, All-Different Godling!


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