RACCIES: Night of the RACCies 2013: Powernaut,, Part Two! (RE: 20th Annual RACCies Ceremony)

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Sat May 10 17:59:30 PDT 2014

On 5/3/2014 11:22 AM, Scott Eiler wrote:

> "Oh, Powernaut!  We got an award!  Women Saying 'Oh' in
> Powernaut!  Let's go get it!"
> Paula charged past the Powernaut toward the aisle.  They were in the
> Nominee section, near the front of the bleachers.  But other nominees
> were starting to read the Jumbotron and jam the aisles.  The Powernaut
> knew they wouldn't hurt Paula - but she might hurt them.

(And now that I think of it, in the aisle there are probably some 
mean-looking Martian women with nasty-looking swords.)

> (to be continued)

The Powernaut tugged Paula back.  "Dear, let's try something."  He rose 
slightly into the air.  "Yes!  I can fly on Earth!  You probably can too!"

"Oh... Yes!  I can!"  Though Paula was wobbly, they moved through the 
air toward the stage.

But before them hovered the Powernaut's old enemy, friend, and rival, 
the Super Wizard from Space.  "I bar you."

"Really?  We shouldn't start a fight right now."  The Powernaut looked 
down at the crowd.  "This could be as bad as a soccer riot."

"Indeed.  I do not know of soccer, but I know of riots.  Do you *really* 
wish an award?"

The Powernaut silently pointed at Paula.  She was drifting toward the 
stage while he tugged her back.

The Super Wizard lowered his voice.  "Ah.  I believe I've seen your lady 
before."  (Night of the RACCies 2011!)  "Please let me loan you this 
then."  He pulled a RACCie award from a surprisingly small pouch, and 
handed it to the surprised Powernaut.  "Take your time, but please 
return this when she has her own trophy."

"*You carry your trophies with you?*"

"Of course.  None shall ever break in my *home* again to get them." 
(RACCies Award Ceremony 2012!)

"Okay.  But you'd give this up even briefly?"

"I would.  I feel I have to *guard* awards, but I am near-fatally sick 
of them.  Guard this *for* me, my ally.  I must go."  The Super Wizard 
darted to float above another corner of the stage.

The Powernaut whispered... "Thank you."  Then he raised his voice. 
"Paula!  Here's your award!"

"Oh, but it's *our* award, my dear!"

"It's *everyone's* award.  More than you know."


The Super Wizard from Space is a character of Wil Alambre.  He is used 
here *without* permission, under the understanding that his adventures 
at the RACCies are not binding upon his own stories.

Paula Power and the Powernaut are copyright 2014 by Eiler Technical 

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