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> It's FULL STEAM ahead for Chevalier and Tom-Tom as they pursue the
> kidnappers of the Princess Faere on the high seas.

Well then.  It's time to discuss the physics of what just happened.

Though we have not seen it in story yet, there may be magic forces in 
the world of Chevalier.  Sympathetic magic is especially powerful.  So 
the greater winds may be sympathetic to any lesser wind, especially if 
it arises from the juices of trees; trees and wind interact all the 
time.  Therefore, any burp which arises from cherry-maple syrup would be 
a doubly magic force.  Any young mouse probably knows this.  :)

Still, it helps to explain the physical forces involved, so as to 
explain the magic better.  There are several possibilities.

*  Tom-Tom's belch would expel wind to swell his ship's sails - but it 
would also propel him backward.  If he stabilized himself on the ship, 
the force would propel the ship backward too.  There is one way Tom-Tom 
could stabilize himself without using the ship, though:  he could expel 
air out of his posterior.  The air going both directions would stabilize 
him, the sails would capture the forward wind, and the backward wind 
would escape harmlessly (at least to all senses other than smell).

*  Perhaps Tom-Tom's mighty burp went *upward* instead of forward.  That 
could cause an upburst, which would draw in winds mostly behind the sails.

*  Meanwhile, something seems to have attracted dolphins.  Could it be, 
the pungent scent of cherry-maple syrup?  Any *one* of these dolphins 
could propel this ship.  Together, they're probably creating a wave 
action to help draw the ship forward.

Glad I could help.  :)

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