8FOLD: Mighty Medley # 5, May 2014, by Brenton, Perron, Russell, and Russell

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On Thu, 1 May 2014 23:23:04 +0000 (UTC), Tom Russell wrote:

> "Beyond the Fields" Part 5, by Saxon Brenton
> In which Deidre concludes her narrative of how she came to possess the
> painting. Actually containing the advice to the Host regarding the
> infiltration and investigation of humans that was promised in last
> month's teaser, that's what your editor gets for reading ahead.


> Also: a name dropped: the simple joys of a shared universe.

Ahhhhhhhh <3

> "The Bergeron Run", by Tom Russell
> In which Darkhorse enters a race, and is asked to take on a handicap.
> The consequences thereof.

Reading forward, thankfully this didn't have to do with any of the parts of
Harrison Bergeron that are... let's say problematic

> She had felt the wind in
> the glass canyon catch her. She had controlled it enough to turn and
> smack into the side of a skyscraper with her back. Because she had
> control, not accidentally like yesterday. She was getting better at
> this.

Well that's... good. o.o

> She didn't hate all caterpillars. Just the one that bit her.

Oh my. XD

>    This simple cleaning lady had used her name and not in a snarky
> way. No interwebs remark. No "it was a caterpillar and not a spider,
> there are no webs involved". No one understood that Silkgirl didn't
> have the right... something. Webgirl. Now that had the right ring. She
> wished her PR guy would get more enthusiastic about it. She threw her
> head back and thanked no one in particular. Oh, what a joyous moment.

Awwwwwww. <3

>    It took 2 dozen floors before she remembered her thread. She
> dangled, somewhere in the fifties, for an hour, her arms crossed,
> staring at the city, and thinking of ways to kill that bug.

That was an interesting perspective!

> Instead I played a hunch that
> maybe it was a mimetic effect, and called on the Host to have a look at
> it.  And here we are."

I also quite liked this part but didn't have anything to say about any of
the specific bits.

>    "You certainly didn't miss Micah Jenkins," said Silke.
>    Adams stood up in a sudden and terrible rage, reaching over the
> table and spewing obscenities. Silke appeared uniquely unperturbed,
> and Adams stopped cold. But it was not the man's cool composure that
> gave Adams pause. It was the unmistakable feeling that there was a gun
> pointed at him.
>    Adams looked to his right, and saw the boy with the pistol with the
> pearl handle. "I never miss, either. Kindly unhand my Pa."

Cool! <3

>    Just before he went to prison, Brian Clipper once told her

Wait what

>    The watch can only keep her alive for one-hundred eighty-six more
> days. "How much?"
>    "You'll lose two days. Maybe two and a half."
>    One-eighty-four, eighty-three. It's not much time, but really, it's
> never been much time. From the start, she's dedicated herself to
> making that time count. Towards making it matter. That doesn't change
> now that she's approaching the home stretch. The money she's going to
> raise, the good it might do? If it helps get us one second closer to
> the day where no one has to die the way Aunt Dani died?
>    It's worth her two days.

Ahhhhh. o.o I see. Damn.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, WELL THEN.

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