RACCIES: 2013 (20th Annual) RACCies Ceremony

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sun May 4 09:24:33 PDT 2014

On 5/3/2014 10:12 PM, Andrew Perron wrote:

>> The camera cut to show Emperor M of the Mummy Machines extending a
>> >bottle opener for Queen Buzzz of the Killer Beezz to use.  Then Pope
>> >Lizardsaurus enjoyed a can of Chugg, without even moving.  Montage shots
>> >showed the Ultimate Ninja, Martin Rock, Ellipsis, and several others in
>> >turn - each opening an obviously-cold can of Chugg with relish.  Even
>> >Chevalier's mouse sidekick Tom-Tom was perched on the side of a can of
>> >Chugg, drinking with a straw.  A voiceover murmured beneath Tom-Tom,
>> >"chugg is not for juvenile mice.  please drink responsibly."
> Wow. XD;;;

I just realized, I didn't explain how our three adventurers stayed sober 
during all this.  The truth is, they just seemed like sober characters 
to me - even compared to Ellipsis, Martin Rock, and the Ultimate Ninja. 
  Besides, the Crossover Queen was annoyed; Dr. Fay is Islamic and 
probably doesn't drink; and the Gastroenterologist probably avoids 
beverages which irritate the bowels.  The Queen probably picked the 
latter two because they were the only sober ones left.

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- from Archie #617, March 2011, scripted by Alex Simmons.

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