RACCIES: Night of the RACCies 2013: Powernaut,, Part One! (RE: 20th Annual RACCies Ceremony)

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sat May 3 11:22:20 PDT 2014

"Oh, Powernaut!  It's so wonderful the future might give us *awards* for 
our work in 1962!"

"I knew you'd enjoy this ceremony, Paula...  Ah, here comes a drink vendor."

Then the loudspeakers blasted.  "THE DRINKS ARE ON CHUGG BEER!!!"

... An hour later, there hadn't been any awards.  But the crowd didn't care.

Paula was waving a bottle around.  "You say these awards are in the 

"Yes, Paula."

"Well, I *love* these future wine coolers!"

The Powernaut held a 24-ounce can of Chugg Malt Liquor.  Three other 
cans were crumpled at his feet.  "Oh, these are all right, but enough is 
enough.  At least out in public.  How about we go home?"

Then the crowd started yelling.  The Jumbotron started fast fowarding.

The Powernaut used his Power-Vision to telescope on the stage.  The 
"Chuggernaut" who was acting as Master of Ceremonies looked at the 
Jumbotron, threw his script in the air, and stomped away.

But Paula had Power-Vision too.  She was using hers to read the 
Jumbotron.  "Oh, Powernaut!  We got an award!  Women Saying 'Oh' in 
Powernaut!  Let's go get it!"

Paula charged past the Powernaut toward the aisle.  They were in the 
Nominee section, near the front of the bleachers.  But other nominees 
were starting to read the Jumbotron and jam the aisles.  The Powernaut 
knew they wouldn't hurt Paula - but she might hurt them.

(to be continued)


Paula Power and the Powernaut are copyright 2014 by Eiler Technical 
Enterprises.  Permission is hereby granted to use them in any story in 
this thread.

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