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  ><><><> | <><><><  ||      April     2014       ||  ><><><> | <><><><
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  ><><><> | <><><><  || By:     Andrew     Perron ||  ><><><> | <><><><
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In This Issue:
    The Adventures of Easily-Discovered Man #55
    Orphans of Mars: To Bell the Cat #1
    Possum-Man: Relinquished #10
    Powernaut 1912 #4-5
    Ripping Off King Arthur #178-181

Also Posted:
    Biblical Avengers #1
    Cover Gallery #18i-19i
    Godling's World #8
    Mighty Medley #4
    Orphans of Mars Fact File v1.1


The Adventures of Easily-Discovered Man #55
"Enemies With Benefits"
A Classic Legion of Net.Heroes [LNH] series
by Rob Rogers

"What The Heck Is This: Doused with microwave radiation, Theodore Wong 
gained the ability to glow and be detected at great distances by anyone 
with a Geiger counter.  Forced to retire, Wong has left former sidekick 
Lite to continue his battle against the forces of corruption, chaos and 
common sense, and to carry on the legacy of the fabulous EASILY-

"Man, I love those capsule series summary things. I wish every comic had 
that. And every novel series, every TV show, video games, manga... 

"You should be reading Easily-Discovered Man. It's simultaneously one of 
the funniest and best-written things to come out on RACC... well, ever."

"Yep! That's my review."

"Also: a Teens in Trenchcoats plot? Really? Huh. Awesome!"

Orphans of Mars: To Bell the Cat #1
An Eighthfold [8FOLD] miniseries (I think?)
by Tom Russell

"Hmmmmmmm. It seems that the Daughters of Mars are not the only 
spacefaring species in the solar system..."

"So far, I quite like Fenn! And I quite like how these characters have 
progressed towards caring about each other on a level beyond power-plays 
and base survival. That's really been the most satisfying part of the 
series, and with Ress, previously one of the most hated and hateful, in 
need of help - well, we'll see where it goes next..."

Possum-Man: Relinquished #10
"The Fox and the Possum"
A Classic Legion of Net.Heroes [LNH] series
by Mitchell Crouch

"What the Heck Is This: Sticks Tarqchevskison is a party clown by day, 
animal-themed net.hero by night in the city of Www.ollongong, 
Alt.stralia. But a mysterious mastermind is trying to change all that - 
and Pos has just found out who she is!"

"I really love the way the humor works in this series. It's like an 
Airplane!-esque continually rolling ball of self-feeding funny, often 
making a sharp turn right before a good gag so it can crash smack dab 
into a *great* gag."

"But Mitchell also does good drama. Sticks throwing his spoon and 
mumbling 'Liar' is a powerfully underplayed moment, and the way he 
resolves the Duck McMuck situation is tricky and unexpected and great."

"That said, I don't think I can quite get into the conflict between Pos 
and Vixen's viewpoints, mostly because I don't understand Vixen's, on 
two levels."

"First, there's the standard 'your presence causes destructive battles 
to happen' argument that she puts forward. This is a conflict that's 
shown up in superhero comics a fair number of times, as a direct 
challenge to the idea of the superhero. It works in many contexts - it's 
straightforwardly true for a lot of the GRIMDARK PROACTIVE HEROES!!, and 
I remember a good Spider-Man comic where he ruminated on how many of his 
villains have some link to him. But it doesn't really work here. I mean, 
Pos is right - Duck McMuck didn't exist because of his superheroing, and 
wasn't going to stop until Pos made him. And for heaven's sake, this is 
someone who gets kittens out of trees and entertains small children! It 
seems like an entirely overblown argument, and I don't think it's 
supposed to be."

"And then there's the LNH thing. Now, *this* has potential. In fact, 
it's a really awesome idea - it brings in the larger Looniverse, and 
sets up questions like 'Did Monica misinterpret the Ultimate Ninja? Does 
UN really think Possum-Man is a threat, or does he think he needs to be 
protected? Is this something the rest of the LNH knows about? Is any of 
this real at all?'"

"The problem is - and I freely admit I may be misinterpreting here - 
that Possum-Man doesn't seem to think about the possibility of trying to 
answer these questions. It's just 'Well, she's opposed to me, and she 
won't change her mind, so I guess we gotta fight'. Of course, it's 
entirely possible that this is Pos's usual ditziness and he'll start 
investigating once someone points that out. But the ending just feels 
like it's setting up a permanent conflict that doesn't get resolved 
because one of the participants doesn't do the obvious thing."

"(Is this overly harsh? Am I jumping to conclusions? AUGH I NEVER KNOW. 
I worried about this with Tom last month, too.)"

"Also, congrats to Mitchell on getting his Master's. I remember when he 
was the baby of the group, teased about not being able to read Tom's 
Acraphobe stuff. And yet he still puts up with us! What a guy!"

Powernaut 1912 #4-5
"You Challenge Ares the God of War!" and "We Shall Shoot At Each Other!"
A Superhuman World [SW10/WWW] webcomic
by Scott Eiler

"And so, Powernaut 1912 comes to a close. And I quite enjoyed the 
experiment! I like the full-page webcomicking, I like the sudden shift 
from 'real-life adventure' to 'unreal-feeling mythological contest', and 
really, the reason I wrote this review was to say: I love the design of 
1912 Athena. Seriously."

Ripping Off King Arthur #178-181
A webcomic [WWW] series
by Arthur Spitzer

"Oh snap the Mechanical Author! Er, Mechanical Webcartoonist. The point 
is: OH SHIT Y'ALL. One of the best metafiction-based Big Bads in RACC's 
history is returning! As is its creator, Dr. Net-- er, Dr. Vivian N. 

"ROKA has had several callbacks to Saviors of the Net already; most 
notably, Jesse Cashew. In SotN, he was the Ultimate Savior, the man who 
ultimately saved the world from the Mechanical Author. Here, however, 
he's just a kid - a kid who found the severed head of Satan himself!"

"But there is a similarity - both of them made a dark deal, to become 
someone admired by all. What does this mean? Will history repeat? And 
what does Max Ruetra, lately trapped in a body controlled by Rippy Offy 
the living webcomic, have to with it?"

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, excelsior!

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