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On Wed, 30 Apr 2014 23:55:58 +0000 (UTC), Tom Russell wrote:

> On Wednesday, April 30, 2014 5:53:10 PM UTC-4, Andrew Perron wrote:
>> On Mon, 28 Apr 2014 01:11:52 +0000 (UTC), Tom Russell wrote:
>>> One thing Derek is working towards-- and this is something that will come
>>> to the fore in the next installment-- is figuring out his "niche" in the
>>> four-colour world. I don't want to get too much into it and spoil anything,
>>> but it isn't a niche that's going to necessarily give him the recognition--
>>> at least publicly-- that he wants, and that is something he'll have to deal
>>> with.
>> Ah, yes. He'll be more like JLA Batman, a thinker over a punch-Cthulhu-er.
> To a degree, yes, but it's also something else. The best way I have to
> describe what's in store for him without spelling it out too much is that
> he'll be like a Cleric or Bard.

Awesome! We need more buffing-types in the genre.

>> Very cool. <3 Again, tho, it's more about how she acts and presents
>> herself, y'know?
> See, I don't perceive the way she's acting/presenting as having something
> to prove-- for me, she exudes confidence. But I'll try to do a better job
> with it in the next one.

To me, it felt chip-on-shoulderish - but that's just my interpretation.

>> Well, I was mostly thinking of the lists of people who we know know their
>> identities. It's-- both of them are pretty long.
> Lemme run through the list, restricting it to knowledge that has been confirmed in-text.
> Martin's identity is known to:
> 1. Dani Handler
> 2. Pam Bierce
> 3. Roy Riddle
> 4. Gallery
> 5. Derek
> 6. Anders Cradle
> Derek's identity is known to:
> 1. Dani Handler
> 2. Pam Bierce
> 3. Roy Riddle
> 4. Martin
> 5. Dr. Fay
> 6. Trinity Tran
> 7. Anders Cradle
> 8. The terrorist group FEVER
> 9. The United States government
> I don't think Martin's list is particularly long-- shorter than Batman's
> and Spider-Man's, last I checked, and all of them are friends/allies.
> Derek's list, on the other hand... :-0

Hm, that's fair on Martin. I guess I just don't usually see mainstream
heroes' lists written out.

>>> let me clarify my approach to the Romance titles in general by stating that
>>> none of the Romance stories I wrote/write are love stories, as romance and
>>> love are mutually-exclusive things.
>> That's an interesting idea. Explicate, please!
> cgf4rt66
> (My cat just jumped on the keyboard and wrote that, and he insisted I keep
> it there. Ahem. Anyway...)

Makes sense to me! <3

> Romance is adventure, first impressions and first dates, first kisses, the
> rush of excitement and blush of attraction, pining, wanting, needing,
> exploring, triumph, heartbreak, etc. Love is... more. So much more, and in
> many ways quite ineffable.

Ahhhhhhh! That makes sense. I guess I wouldn't say "mutually exclusive" so
much as "different and not necessarily related".

>> I got that part. I guess it just felt like... like the hole in her life
>> wasn't the same shape as the thing that was supposed to go in it, y'know?
> Well, that's the sad part.

Yeah, but for me, it would've felt better if the hole was the right shape
and the things she was trying to put into it were wrong. If you get what
I'm saying. Actually, if you get what I'm saying, let me know, because I
don't think I actually do.

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