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LNH: Cover Gallery #17i
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The cover shows Bicycle Repair Lad and Demon Boy looking pleased at 
the sight of the armoured egg-shape of a Weeblek tied up in a comfy 
The Weeblek demands in a panicked but still mechanical voice, "Why 
are my weapon systems off-line!!!?"
Demon Boy grins.  "Oh, we haven't just transported you into a Monty 
Python Sketch, we've TRAPPED you in one.  That implies a level of 
Bicycle Repair Lad adds, "And now that you can't fight or self-
destruct, we've going to poke you... with SOFT CUSIONS!"
Weeblek: "No!!!  NOOOOOO!!!"
In the background Leviathan Lass is massaging the bridge of her nose 
and thinking wearily, "Boys."
Cover blurb: "Cruel and unusual punishment."
][][][][][][][][][][][< * * * * * * * * * * *>][][][][][][][][][][][ 
Authors notes: Weebleks are the Dalek expys that Kevin Wilcox used in 
_spaceQuest Raven_ #4 (cover date Jan 1995).
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