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In This Issue:
    Godling #37
    Godling's World #7
    Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #58
    Nonfiction #2
    Powernaut 1912 #1

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"Aw yeah! Said I'd get this one done early."

Godling #37
"The Right Person"
A Miscellaneous [MISC] series
by Jochem Vandersteen


Godling's World #7
A Miscellaneous [MISC] series
by Jochem Vandersteen

"Oh, fine, I might as well give Jochem a real review. The DESTROY! DESTROY!
arc continues Godling's trend of taking Golden Age superhero style and
slamming it into Modern Age social issues (or possibly Bronze Age social
issues, depending). Assholes from the government try to take a kid just
'cause he's powerful, as do terrorists, and Godling's in the middle trying
to protect the kid and his mom."

"And this slamming-together is really quite effective. In more action-y
issues, it would be 'get to the good part', but here, it feels more like
'get to the emotional part'. And the military assholes, despite being
over-the-top, seem a lot less over-the-top than in other, similar stories.
I quite like it."

Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #58
"The B-Movie Teenage Romance Thing"
A Classic Legion of Net.Heroes [LNH] series
by Saxon Brenton

"This is an entry in High Concept Challenge 42, 'Beyond the Walls of
Genre', where the challenge is to put one's characters in an alternate
universe outside their normal genre. And Saxon has certainly chosen an
interesting genre; a '50s-esque monster movie in a world where the
transplanted characters are in high school. Oh, and everybody's a robot,
and the monster is a human."

"It's tempting to say 'that's a bit much' when you summarize it like that,
but when you're reading it, it flows naturally. Actually, a bit too
naturally - until the monster showed up, it felt more like high school

"And it has the level of characterization of slice-of-life. One of the
interesting things is how Joshua and Mary-Ann fit together so well because
they have a shared analytical view on life. I wonder if this holds true for
Limp-Asparagus Lad and Senses Lass in the main continuity."

"One other thing: the robotic viewpoint works well. When the human is
described, it's very consciously written from a non-human, non-flesh point
of view."

Nonfiction #2
"Other Lives"
An Eightfold [8FOLD] story
by Tom Russell

"What the Heck Is This: A series of pieces that are nonfiction pieces from
within the fictional Eightfold universe."

"Another HCC42 entry, this one deals with a man suffering from (I think)
severe anxiety problems who gets suddenly pulled from the main Eightfold
universe into another, seemingly identical to our own, with no superhumans
and no alien invasions."

"It was interesting and reasonably painful reading through this. Though I
don't suffer from anxiety problems myself, I know some people who do, and
from a second-hand perspective, this seems gut-wrenchingly accurate. In
other words, I JUST WANT TO GIVE HIM A HUG."

"Tom worries that he may have misinterpreted the instructions by having a
character who moves in-story from one universe to another, rather than
writing a story with characters from one universe transposed to another. I
say, pish-tosh! This is as valid an interpretation as the one I was
thinking of when I wrote it."

"That said, I can't agree with his assertion that his characters wouldn't
work if moved into another genre. Are we simply collections of reactions to
the world around us? I think not; we have our own identities, and although
they are shaped and informed by the things that happen to us, we are, at
core, ourselves."

"Also, I mean, to be fair, we *can* cheat. I'm just saying, if you need a
defining tragedy like Martin has..."

Powernaut 1912 #1
"Being the Adventures of Paul Poderr in the Ways of Power!"
A Superhuman World [SW10/WWW] webcomic
by Scott Eiler

"The third and final HCC42 entry, Powernaut 1912 deals with an analogue of
the Powernaut in a world based around early-20th-century adventure comics.
Paul Poderr takes his nephew Peter on a nature hike. They meet Paula Paige,
proprietor of a local summer camp, but suddenly, Mexican revolutionaries!"

"Scott's said in comments that this may or may not turn out to be the
Superhuman World. I'd like it to go in that direction, just because I love
fleshing out the details of worlds beyond the people punching each other.
This comic definitely feels like the worldview of old-timey scouting and
post-Teddy Roosevelt conservationism. I quite like it."

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, aw yeah!

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