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LNH: Cover Gallery #16i
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Cover image has two parts. In the top left quarter is a round inset 
bubble, where a pair of astronauts are looking in bemusement through 
the front windows of their spacecraft.  One of them says, 
"Ah, Huston, we have visual confirmation of that..."  
The larger part of the cover shows a scene from near Earth space 
with a humanoid figure atop what looks like some sort of pole.  The 
pole is made of a mesh of characters and numerals, and is poking 
upwards from the planet below.  The astronaut continues, 
"...The daikaiju hakemon known as Master MIME is building a tower 
from Mons.dir/ Island up into low Earth orbit!"  
Cover blurb: "The Stars My Destination!"
][][][][][][][][][][][< * * * * * * * * * * *>][][][][][][][][][][][ 
Authors notes: Mr. MIME is the hakemon version of the Mr. Mime 
pokemon, and appeared briefly back in _Dvandom Force_ #99 (cover 
date Nov 1999).  Master MIME is a result of what happens when the 
already unstable hakemon evolution process produces a daikaiju 
(giant monster).  Both types build things out of MIME formatting.
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