[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #47: The Red Hand Of General Dragutin, part 4

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> On Jun 27, 2014, at 5:41 PM, Andrew Perron <pwerdna at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 6/25/2014 9:58 PM, Wil Alambre wrote:
>> Or what... what used to be a woman. The *thing* they've made
>> her into is three times larger than what her original size
>> could have been. Most of it's made up of massive black
>> abdomen. Plates of carapace covering the back, narrowing up
>> into a jagged spine with way too many bones. The abdomen
>> melds into her waist with that onyx color staining the rest
>> of her skin. Like a dark rash over other dark rashes. Her
>> legs are larger and stronger and are more like a beetle's
>> than anything else. Arms are bent and long and end in almost
>> humanoid hands. And her head looks half crushed in a
>> malformed jaw that's acting as her neck.
>> The whole thing's terrifying and sick. I've never seen a
>> queen bee in the flesh before. I could go on with the rest
>> of my life without ever seeing another.
> Ahhhhh, disturbing.

I found some photo art by Laurent Seroussi that provided some *excellent* inspiration... 


>> And they always name them 'Sybilla'.
> Magnificently disturbing.

Oddly enough, the name was a goof. I had forgotten that I'd already named the queen bee in the "secret history" arc "sybilla", and did not catch my error until a day or two after I had posted it. It happened because both were inspired by the same visual: Eva Green at the end of "Kingdom Of Heaven"...


...after kicking myself for making a silly mistake, I was able to write around it with the ALL-emergency-queens-are-named-sybilla explanation. In the end, not even being granted a unique name adds to the tragedy of the character.

>> "But you're going to have to help me.”
> MAN this arc is great.

Thanks :)

- W
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