SW10: New Bosnia #2: The Land of Coins and Diners

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Part 2:  The Land of Coins and Diners


What Has Gone Before:

The superhuman former basketball player Scott Stiles, also known as the 
Super Savior, has led 144,000 religious refugees from his 
famine-stricken Earth to an alternate Earth whose leading power is 
Turkey.  The Turks were ready for them.  They were captured near New 
York City by the army of this universe's Sultan, Hope Springs VII.

A hermit wizard man-bee from yet a third universe was sucked along with 
the refugees.  He used his wizard powers to resist capture, stung one 
man, then saved Scott Stiles and flew away.  The stung man became a 
man-bee and followed.  They hide now in a warehouse in Bayonne, New 
Jersey - known as New Bosnia here.

The Sultan, along with the visiting Chancellor Wyatt Ferguson from yet a 
*fourth* universe, began planning against them.  The Sultan has many 
consultants with many plans to deal with bees.

Previous Episode:  New Bosnia Part 1:  By Appointment To Their Majesties 


Tuesday 24 May 2011


Scott Stiles said, "Okay.  Where are we?  And where are my people?"

"We know not.  Firszzt we feed...  We bring you back human food."  The 
giant bees flew away.

"Okaaay," Scott said to himself.  "Don't want to think about how 
*they'll* find human food.  But they've got a point.  They forage, I 


Scott went out walking.  He had time to walk all around...  He was in an 
industrial park.  There were checkpoints on one road, two railroads, and 
a bordering golf course.

He picked one checkpoint.  He picked up a big piece of rubble, threw it 
one direction, then easily dashed the other way.

There were no big shopping centers, even along the nearest main street. 
  But there were little stores on a street two blocks away, named 
Broadway.  Scott thought, the more things change, the more they stay the 

He decided to try his luck in a jewelry-and-pawn shop.  When he'd come 
to town, he was loaded with gold coin - and some silver too.  A few of 
his silver coins were good enough to get some New York Free City paper 
currency.  He decided to save the gold until he knew more about things here.

Then he hung out at a diner.  It was a lot like home, with a TV. 
Everyone was a lot the same, but no one would talk at the lunch counter. 
  And of course the news was different.  They had nothing in the news 
about Super-Savior captives.  The big story was, the Women's Fast 
Artillery Battalion was on parade in Manhattan, visiting from Turkey! 
It was like a slow news day back home, only with much more Turkey.  He 
went home with two dinners - extra just in case.

Scott Stiles waited until dark, then went a different way back into the 
perimeter without incident.  But he thought to himself, they might still 
be watching.  There were only three public ways in or out, and not a lot 
more secret ways.  He couldn't go back and forth for long.

When he got back to the warehouse, the bees were waiting.  They had 
brought live animals: a duck and a rabbit.  The former Norwegian bee 
pointed to them and said, "Kill and feaszzt."

"Uh, no, thanks, I foraged for myself."  Scott held up his two styrofoam 

The *duck* said, "Oh, good.  What'ja bring for *me*?"

The rabbit turned on his back and waved his paws in the air.  Like he 
was laughing.


Scott Stiles was dumbstruck.  The junior giant bee spoke in his stead. 
"Do szzmall game animalszz szzpeak in your land?"

The duck retorted, "Who the %#!! you calling *game*?  And whose land you 
talking about?"

"Not ourszz.  We merely aszzzumed your animalszz did *not* szzpeak here."

The duck looked up at the two man-sized hovering bees.  "Well, *we* 
merely azzzzzuuuumed Our Monster Bee Overlords hadn't *conquered the 
planet before we landed here!*"  It looked over at Scott.  "WHAT THE 
#@(% IS GOING ON?"

Scott Stiles had been in committee meetings before.  This was like a 
really bad one, only full of animals.  But he was the authority in his 
committees, and he was the nearest thing to a chairman here.  "OKAAAY! 
This Meeting is Called to Order!  Roll Call!"  He pointed at the talking 

"Overmaszzter, I obey.  I am Tor, szzzervant drone of my Maszzzter Bee 
Gavrilo From Beyond!"  Tor the talking bee pointed one limb at the other 
silent bee.

"Okaay..."  Scott pointed at the duck.  "Your turn!  And the rabbit's!"

The duck grinned evilly, if ducks can grin or be evil.  "I am 
Psychovant, zzzzzzervant drone of NO ONE ANYWHERE!"  It pointed at the 
rabbit.  "And *thizzzzz* is my annoying companion, Atomic Rabbit From 
Beyond!  Fear his awesome rabbitude, strong enough to negate my own 
mighty powers!  Eat him first, and I shall be restored!"

"Gee, he doesn't look too atomic to me."

"*Sure* he's atomic!  Check out that fur tattoo on his chest!  A-R! 
Atomic Rabbit!  Eat him fast before he explodes!"

Scott picked up the bunny.  "Yeah, there's a kind of fur line that looks 
like letters there.  But it looks like A-B to me.  You sure he isn't 
Atomic Bunny or something?"

"No, dammit!  A-R!  Right there!...  Hey, wait a minute, we were having 
roll call.  Who are *you*?"

"Scott Stiles."

"Scott Stiles...  That sounds &@#= familiar.  Super-Savior?"

"You've heard of me?"

"Yeah, I heard of you.  You're about the creepiest religion on Earth! 
How'd your rapture plans go?"

"Well, they went here."

"Aww, dammit.  Of all the places I had to be stuck."

A light finally dawned in Scott's brain.  "Hey, what're *you* doing 
here?  Aren't you Mal Dunevoy's fancy duck cyborg?"

"*%&@! Mal Dunevoy!  I hope he rots in hell!"

"But you know Mal Dunevoy?"

"Oh, I know Mal Dunevoy..."

Scott Stiles was moved almost to tears.  "You *are* from home!  You're 
from home!"  He hugged the duck to his chest.  The duck said, "Gak!"

Then there was a whistle in the sky.  And things started exploding.


To Be Continued in New Bosnia #3, The Land of Smoke and Pollen!


Author's Notes:

I wish I hadn't called him "Scott".  But it's a perfectly decent name, 
even though I share it.  I gave him that name without thinking he'd ever 
be this significant.  Oh well.

I've declared an extra episode.  I'm building up to the promised episode 
The Land of Smoke and Pollen (and the many things beyond it) with a 
small step in front, to accommodate some extra guests.  That's probably 

The pasts of both Scott Stiles the Super-Savior and Psychovant the 
Cartoon Cyborg Demon Duck are both coming to light here.  But they're 
both actually on record already, starting at:

- Psychovant:  http://www.eilertech.com/stories/2009/iran.htm

- Super-Savior: 

Gavrilo the Hermit Wizard Monster Bee is a character of Wil Alambre and 
is used by permission.  Atomic Bunny / Atomic Rabbit is a 1950s 
character of Charlton Comics and is now public domain.  All other 
characters in this fiction are copyright 2014, Eiler Technical Enterprises.

(signed) Scott Eiler  8{D> -------- http://www.eilertech.com/ ---------

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or not... *you* are held responsible. - Barack Obama

I know. - Archie Andrews

- from Archie #617, March 2011, scripted by Alex Simmons.

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