LNH/SW10: Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade That Will Probably Never Have an Ending #10: "Good Duck!"

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On 6/21/2014 10:18 PM, Scott Eiler wrote:

> LNH/SW10:  Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade That Will Probably Never Have an
> Ending #10:  "Good Duck!"


> The animals were *just* a rabbit and a duck.  They were a *large* black-furred
> rabbit and a *large* duck.  But they were not a rabbit and a duck with
> super-animal powers.  Or even hands to hold cubes with. They were *just* a
> rabbit and a duck.  Among lots of rhododendrons.  And two cubes.

Ooooooh. <3 Very nice.

> And two monster bees, pollinating.


> The poor duck was once a cyborg *demon* duck.  Its demon powers were gone.
> But it still had a cyborg speech implant!

Hah! Nice. (Is the demon still there, sealed, or is it gone?)

> The nearby rabbit heard the duck.  It looked up.  It looked back at itself.
> Then it squeaked in rabbit laughter, and rolled over and over.

Bwahahaha. <3

> The duck cursed again.  "Aww, %$#@!  They're monster bees *and* they have
> their own @%&!ing *warehouse!*  And I got no Kube!"

HOW will Psychovant stop the Swarm? IS he a duck out of luck? WILL Atomic 
Rabbit's overload of Drama bring an amazing end to the tale of the Monster Bees!?

> This was no longer a super-duck, but it was still a very *special* duck.
>   Besides its cyborg speech engine, it had a very special tracking device.
> Far, far away, someone was watching it.  She picked up a phone and said,
> "Escalate."
> The woman's boss was in charge of all sensors being tracked.  He knew how
> special this duck was too.  He said, "Escalate."
> This man's boss wasn't really his boss.  She was a consultant.  But she cared
> about all animals, even if they had sensors.  She said, "I'd better tell the
> Chancellor."
> *Her* boss wasn't really her boss.  He was a Chancellor, which was hard work.
> She just wanted to help him.

I quite like this quasi-poetic style.

> "Hmmm..."  Wyatt looked at computer screens.  His voice rose in disbelief.
> "*Atomic Bunny!*  *That's* what Psychovant found beyond!  He brought it back,
> and it's depowered!

I *wondered* if they could see as far as the Tooniverse; it seems conceptually 
out of their league.

> "I call our allies.  The retrieval mission just became Council Priority One.
> *Then* we figure out what Atomic Bunny has to do with what's breaking the
> omniverse."


Also, I note that he was called "Atomic Rabbit" in Adrian's and my issues... 
but that, in the comics, he started off as "Rabbit" and became "Bunny" later 
on. So you're 100% on-the-mark! <3

> This is what I get for trying to resolve other people's plotlines.  Now I get
> to resolve my own.  And now that I've finished plotting Powernaut 1969, I have
> some spare processing cycles to do this.

MWAHAHAHA. Another effect of my status as the mortal form of the God of 
Plotlines Changing Midway!

> Psychovant the Duck may return to the LNH plotline, but for now he has left
> the building.  Please check with me if you would like to drag him back.  I
> won't object, but I can give you some travel guides to where you'll have to
> fetch him from.
> Atomic Bunny / Atomic Rabbit is an old Charlton Comics character but is now
> public domain.  Lalo Martins gets credit for tossing him into this plot line.

Actually, that was Adrian.

> Andrew Perron gets credit for where he's ended up.  (*My* idea was a biology
> lab in Power City 1955.)

Mwahahahaha. <3

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, man I love this cascade

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