SW10/WWW: Powernaut 1969 #4: Big Buildings AND Big People!

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sat Jun 21 11:27:37 PDT 2014

So far, the situation's merely been explosive.  It's about to get 
hyper-explosive...  Welcome to Hypergaard!



Bonus Section:  2005 Reprint Commentary from Stephen Oliver Samuels 
(S.O.S.)!    A Traveler's Guide to Hypergaard: Size


Hypergaard was overwhelming. I had no idea how big the buildings were 
supposed to be - and they seemed to vibrate. But the people we met there 
were roughly six times human size, at first glimpse.

I know "six times human size" is a very loose measurement. Times height, 
or volume? I say, volume. Even with our two-dimensional vision, with 
perspective we get an idea of volume instead of just surface area. That 
is how I perceived the buildings and inhabitants of Hypergaard.

A four-dimensional hypercube is exactly eight times the volume of its 
3-D counterpart. Spheres take up less surface areas than cubes, though. 
Likewise, hyperspheres take up less surface volume than hypercubes - 
hence a factor of about five instead of eight. Humans are of course not 
ideally spherical, nor pointy like cubes; hence, my estimate of six 
times size. It's meaningless for us to measure their four-dimensional 
properties, though those properties are always there. It was rather 
intimidating in person.

The things native to Hypergaard all seem to vibrate according to our 
vision, as though they occupy other places but we can only see one at a 
time. Also, somehow the extra-dimensionality of Hypergaard enhances the 
colors there. My companions both arrived with their own glasses, which 
helped them cope with these things. I saw those raw. When I looked at my 
companions from our Earth, we seemed flat and pale in comparison.

The inhabitants of Hypergaard are adept at manipulating their apparent 
size. Some ancient legends of Earth giants may stem from beings such as 
these. Some modern Earthlings with size-changing powers may have a 
similar source for their powers.

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