LNH/REVIEW: Kid Review's Roundup - May 2014

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Sat Jun 7 22:50:22 PDT 2014

On 6/7/2014 3:52 PM, Scott Eiler wrote:> On 6/7/2014 11:31 AM, Andrew Perron 
 >> "This is the second year that Scott's done the awards ceremony. And
 >> while last year's ceremony at least tipped its hat to the traditional
 >> McCoskey/Rosen/Brenton/Spitzer/me style of awards, focusing on a behind-
 >> the-scenes story and commercial skits over awards-giving."
 > .... I *think* I know what you're saying.  The sentence probably says in the
 > middle, "This year's doesn't".

Er, right.

 >> "Which, by the way, is 100% cool. I cite a bunch of other writers up
 >> there when talking about style, but really, I stretched out the
 >> awarding-bits more than anyone, and Scott taking the precise opposite
 >> tack is just what's needed to keep things fresh after twenty freakin'
 >> years."
 > I vaguely recall hearing at RACC-Con that people like to skip to the awards
 > list anyway.  And I love giving the people what they want.  That said...  I
 > might have to mix things up next year.

Interesting - I always really liked the skits (obviously, right?) But yes, 
absolutely mix things up.

 >> "As for the ceremony itself, it has the type of freeform silliness that
 >> you expect from Scott.
 > ah, I'm glad that after driving my own story-Earth into an apocalyptic ice age
 > I'm still known for silliness.  8{D>

It was a surprisingly ridiculous apocalpyse!

 >> "Notably, it pays more attention to how the
 >> RACCies as a Thing would work than most showrunners, who just go with
 >> the idea that they're the characters, but out of character. But that's
 >> just doing the Funny in a different way, yaknow?"
 > That's mostly my inner story-nerd expressing itself.

I figured as much!

 >> "Naturally everything Powernaut-related is as fun as ever, and I notice
 >> from looking at the web page that Scott is intentionally trying to vary
 >> the faces more as compared to Powernaut comics that take place before
 >> this. Very cool."
 > Thanks.  That's mostly because I'm trying to emulate an underground comics art
 > style on top of my own cartooning style.  Expect weird results.  I promise
 > I'll be back to mass-market corporate pap in time for the 1976 series,
 > though.  8{D>

I hope it's not Oreo Oblivion flavor.

 >> "But the part I find most fascinating is the alt-history idea that the
 >> Space Race was put aside in favor of the Universe Race. It makes a lot
 >> of sense - you still had the same tensions and the same desire to prove
 >> one's country superior in a big, PR-friendly way, so why not reroute
 >> them into a newly-discovered field of scientific endeavor? I wonder if
 >> this feeds into the main Superhuman World history, or is another branch
 >> of fractal time?"
 > ah, that's a good question.  To some extent, we already know the answer.
 >   Powernaut 2005 comics show that someone *dressed up* as a Powernaut to raid
 > France in 1941, and someone from the counter-culture *called himself* a
 > Powernaut in 1968, but the only Powernaut who's really remembered as a
 > superhero was in 1992.  And nobody in 2005 is going through teleportals.
 > There are a lot of stories left to explain how that all comes to be, and 1969
 > is definitely one of those.  Oh, and the 2005 diagram of Fractal Time maaaay
 > be missing a dimension or two.  8{D>

Deeply fascinating. <3 You, sir, are our Grant Morrison.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, isn't sure who he is.

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