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[LNH/HCC] Cover Gallery #23i
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The cover shows the inside of a bus station, which has been overrun 
with teddy bears who are sitting on blankets, drinking tea and eating 
sandwiches and cupcakes and other snack foods.  Senses Lass and 
Sister-State-the-Obvious are standing in the door of the bus station, 
with a number of members of the public behind them, all looking in 
with varying amounts of confusion.
Senses Lass looks bemused and asks, "But *WHY* are there teddy bears 
picnicking in a bus station?"
Sister-State-the-Obvious glances outside and answers, "Well, it's 
raining out there.  They wouldn't want to get their stuffing wet."
Cover blurb: "If you go down to the bus stop today, you're not gonna 
catch your ride."
][][][][][][][][][][][< * * * * * * * * * * *>][][][][][][][][][][][ 
Authors notes: Created for High Concept Challenge #46, 'Waiting For the 
Bus In the Rain'.
Why yes, I am getting moderately desperate for entry.  Why do you ask?
Senses Lass was force grown in a giant test-tube (in the very best mad 
scientist tradition) and has below average knowledge of childrens' 
nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and school yard games.  At times like 
this it shows.
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