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by J. Vandersteen 

–	Godling & Agent Destruction in:  DESTROY! DESTROY! Part  2

A helicopter lands at the Pentagon. Perlin and Captain Daniels get out, joined by Godling.
   “So your headquarters is located here?” Godling says.
   “Yeah,” Daniels says. “Under here.”
    They pass heavily armed guards, Daniels tells them Godling is with them and they are allowed inside the Pentagon. They enter an elevator.
Daniels presses a number of  buttons in rapid succession and the elevator zooms down.
   “Welcome to Homeland Security’s Special Division,” Daniels says as the elevator door opens.
   They enter a huge room filled with big monitors, hundreds of computers and hundreds of uniformed men working behind them.
   “Here we monitor potential threats to the security of the USA,” Daniels says. “And of course we develop countermeasures like the Agent Destruction serum.”
   “In other words, the stuff that made me into to the stone-skinned mutant you fought,” Perlin tells Godling.
   “Looks impressive,” Godling admits. The monitors show pictures of wars fought in various countries, several historical landmarks around the world and even some heroes like Ninjoid and Doc Proton fighting bad guys.
   “Let me show you what these monitors picked up a few days ago. That will make you a lot clearer why we wanted that kid,” Daniels says.
   “Please do. I have the inclination to trust my government, but this whole affair made me doubt it.”
   Daniels pushes a few buttons on one of the many computers in the room and the picture on one of the screens changes. It shows the young boy that had been kidnapped crossing the street as a truck comes speeding at him. The driver doesn’t seem to spot him, either drunk or busy with his cell phone or something.
   Godling screams “NO!”
   The screen shows the boy turning to face the truck, a blast coming from his eyes completely disintegrating the truck, leaving nothing but ashes. Then the boy runs away as fast as his feet can carry him, shocked and afraid.
   “How did he do that?” Godling asks.
   “We think this boy is a Hybridian,” Daniels explains.
   “A what?”
   “You know those stories about alien abductions? Well, they’re real. Very real. Some aliens even got our earthwomen pregnant. These half alien hybrids we call Hybridians. Some are just deformed, some die upon childbirth. And some… Just a very few… Have these incredible powers. Young Akeem there is one of the most powerful we’ve ever spotted.”
   “You’re kidding. Why haven’t I heard anything about that before?” Godling asks.
   “The Men In Black, hiding all evidence of aliens? Area 51? All true as well,” Daniels says.
   “And here I thought they were all crackpot theories. On the other hand, if Greek Gods are real, why wouldn’t they…”
   “Yeah, it’s a lot to swallow all at once but after a while nothing surprises you. I mean, it’s studying and experimenting with that alien genetics that created the serum they inject me with that makes me able to turn into Agent Destruction,” Perlin says.
   “And these terrorists?” Godling asks.
   “When we first spotted Akeem’s powers we were afraid Al-Qaida would get their hands on him, with his heritage and all…” Daniels says.
   “Wait a minute… Isn’t that a tad racist?” Godling wonders aloud.
   “I’m trying to keep the country safe. When I think that includes racial profiling so be it,” Daniels explains.
I really don’t like this guy, Godling thinks. But if he can help me save that boy I will have to work with him for now.
   “Anyway… Turned out the Phoenix Group beat the towelheads to the punch. They’re a relatively small group but growing fast and with some very wealthy backers. They seem to employ some technology that has some alien roots. In fact, we worry they have a spy within our Special Division,” Daniel says.
   “I can imagine that has you worried. What’s their goal?”
   “These crazies believe in destroying our world so the Phoenix-like deity they worship can recreate it in its own image. They themselves will be reborn as superhuman versions of themselves. Crazy as hell.”
   “The gods I met make that idea not that crazy. Disturbing and evil, but not crazy,” Godling says.
   Perlin laughs. “The hero has a point.”
   “Yeah, yeah… Are you actually trying to tell me you really are some kind of prophet sent by the Olympians?” Daniels says.
   “Is that so hard to believe after the stories you just told me about alien-human hybrids living among us?”
   “And again…” Perlin chuckles.
   “All right, all right,” Daniels says.
   “Now, how do we find those terrorists and get the kid back to his mom,” Godling says.
   “I’m afraid we won’t be able to return that kid to his mom. With powers like that he’ll just be to dangerous to just walk around like that,” Daniels says.
A lightning bolt appears in Godling’s hand as his teeth grit. “Say that again?”
   “I’m sorry, Godling… But it IS my job to keep this country safe. And that will mean we will have to keep the kid contained at Area 51.”
   “Not acceptable. He’s a young boy. He needs his mother,” Godling says and thinks, Zeus knows my own childhood got very hard when my mom died. I don’t want anyone to grow up without a mother.
   “I think it’s going to be a long time before we see eye to eye on the subject. And all the time spent bickering on the subject might mean The Phoenix Group gets this kid to destroy the world… So we’d better bury the hatchet until we actually find Akeem and talk about what to do with them then,” Perlin says.
Godling nods. “Guess he’s right. Can this fancy equipment of yours track the boy down?”
   “All my men are on it right now. Shouldn’t take them long. We can access all sattelites, all CCTV’s, all webcams… We ARE the BIGGEST Brother,” Daniels boasts.

A secret base… Akeem sits on a chair, behind a table filled with hamburgers and Cokes. Two armed Phoenix terrorists are guarding him. A female with red hair, dressed in a black leather dress with a big firebird emblazoned all over it sits on the table.
   “Listen, kid… We can get you all the food, all the video games, comics or movies you want… As long as you work with us. You like girls already? We can get those as well. Just work with us,” the woman says.
   “Listen, Miss… I just want my mom,” Akeem says.
   “Call me Isidore,” the woman says.
   “I don’t want your food or your other gifts. Take me back to my mom. You know what I can do to you…”
   Isidore brushes the boy’s cheek. “Come on, Akeem. We all know how you regretted killing that truck driver by accident. You’re not going to kill us. Let me just tell you about the wonderful life that can be yours and your mom’s if you join our Group.”
   Akeem balls a fist, his eyes start to glow. “Take me back to my mother.”
Isidore sighs. “I was hoping to convince you in another way… Bring her in.”
   Two terrorists enter the room, Akeem’s mother in front of them, hands shackled.
   Akeem jumps from his chair. “MOM!”
   Isidore puts a hand against the boy’s chest. “Stop. You try and use your powers on us and your mother dies.”
   Akeem stands still, tears flow from his eyes. “You bastards.”
   “To you, maybe. But we have a higher cause you just don’t seem to be able to understand,” Isidore says. “You destroy the target we give you, your mom goes free.”
   “Don’t listen to them!” Akeem’s mother says. A guard hits her in the head with his gun. She falls down.
   Akeem runs towards her, but is stopped by the guards, guns aimed at his face.
   “You die, she dies… Or you just destroy the target I ask you to destroy. There’s a nuclear power plant in China which we’d like you to destroy…”
   “A power plant? I may be a kid but I’m not stupid… The destruction that will mean…”
   Isidore smiles. “Yes, yes… Isn’t it fantastic?”


“Look! That island in Asia. One of our satellites spotted their base over there,” one of the men behind the monitors says.
   On the screen a big, fortress-like building is shown. In front of it drive several black jeeps. Then, the camera zooms in. There are two guards in front of the building, dressed like the terrorists that kidnapped the boy.
   “Let’s not waste any time,” Godling says. “We get in there, take out the bad guys and free the kid.”
   Perlin smiles. “Sounds like a plan. Can we fire up the helicopter, Cap?”
   “Move out,” Daniels says. “And fast. We’ve got a world to save.”

NEXT ISSUE: Can Godling and Agent Destruction prevent the destruction of China?

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