LNH/REVIEW: Kid Review's Roundup: December 2013

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On Fri, 17 Jan 2014 06:35:32 +0000 (UTC), Scott Eiler wrote:

> On 1/16/2014 8:29 AM, Andrew Perron wrote:
>> "First, a bit of a nitpick: The whole idea of 'sorting' worlds into
>> 'Science Worlds' and 'Magic Worlds' has always felt like a false dichotomy
>> - especially since this listing specifically notes that worlds can contain
>> more than one. In this case, it feels like a couple of degrees off from an
>> idea that could work - something about dominant cultures and what their
>> worldview is."
> My thinking on that is still under development.  I do assume that either 
> tech, magic, or both may work.  If they both work, it's almost certainly 
> a superhuman world.

It just seems like a measurement that's at once really vague and really
draconic, based more on, well, *genre* than anything else. You may as well
change it to "Science Fiction" and "Fantasy".

>> "Anyway, beyond that, this is an interesting look at both RACC and the
>> Council. The Council, it seems, has some level of metafictional awareness,
>> but not as much as, say, most members of the Classic LNH, occasionally
>> mentioning stories but talking more in terms of 'activity' and 'Higher
>> Powers'."
> heh.  Since the Chancellor Wyatt came to power, the staff has started 
> writing geopolitical analyses as though they were story reviews.  If I 
> ever get back to "Turkworld", that concept will come into play.


>> "(Another nitpick: LNH20's been more active than the Council implies in
>> 2013; according to Saxon's eligibles list, there were eleven stories under
>> the imprint that year. Still, getting that back on track is one of my goals
>> for 2014.)"
> I tried to check before reviewing.  By the means I have on hand, I saw 
> seven posts with the LNH20 imprint, mostly if not totally one-shot 
> stories which could be retroactively merged with the main LNH.

Blegh ew blegh. The very idea of it makes my skin crawl.

>> "And then, of course, there's Psychovant, who, like a good deranged
>> antihero, has full metafictional awareness and a snarky attitude about it.
>> It's clear that Scott's not holding back, letting some pretty incisive
>> criticisms out through the duck's mouth; overall, these seem to have been
>> received in the spirit they were intended, pushing writers to improve and
>> look at their stuff from new angles. Excellent!"
> heh, I really do write as my characters sometime.  I've already 
> established, Psychovant is too big to fit in just one universe.  I'm 
> glad no one's declared a holy war over the duck's big mouth.  But he 
> *did* hold one or two things back...  8{D>

Heeheehee. No, no - they were *very* in-character; it's 100% cool.

>> "So, does this count as a possible nominee for Best Review Series in the
>> RACCies? We shall see!"
> Yay, RACCies!


>> Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #57
>> "Merry File-System-Checking Christmas"
>> "You know, I kind of figured this would end with some kind of
>> confrontation, but actually, it kind of just finishes. Which actually seems
>> pretty appropriate for a story about someone dedicated to subverting
>> established structures."
> Also, it worked as a Christmas story.  Confronting someone after the 
> present is delivered is just not a Christmas trope.

Yeah, but I figured that the thing everything was being gathered for was
more than giving out presents.

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