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On 1/17/2014 10:24 AM, jvdsteen1974 at gmail.com wrote:
> by J. Vandersteen
> The tengu flies up, showing birdlike claws at his feet, trying to dig
> him into Godling’s flesh. He is quicker than Godling thought and
> indeed, the claws strike his flesh, leaving bloody scratches.
> “Aargh… That hurt,” Godling says, his hand on the worst scratch.
> “Evil monster, you will be terminated!” Ninjoid says and slashes at
> the tengu with his laser-katana. Some feathers come flying from the
> tengu’s wings.
> The tengu produces a katana from his back and slashes back at
> Ninjoid. The robot catches the katana on his wristbands and kicks the
> tengu in the stomach. The tengu loses balance and falls on the
> floor.
> He gets back on his feet, but Ninjoid immediately hits him with two
> kicks and a punch in the beak. The tengu stumbles a few steps back,
> then changes into a fiercesome looking tiger. He roars and jumps at
> Ninjoid. Ninjoid falls flat on his back, the tiger on top of him,
> snarling.
> Godling grabs the tiger by the tail and swings it above his head. In
> the air the tiger changes back into the tengu-form, punching at
> Godling. Godling lets go of the tengu and the demonic creature is
> sent flying through the lab, crashing into a machine.
> Godling throws a lightning bolt at the tengu, which turns out to be
> enough to knock out the demon. He falls down and as soon as he hits
> the ground turns to smoke. The smoke dissipates, traveling out of the
> lab through the window.
> “Looks like we defeated him,” Godling tells Ninjoid.

My email software has a "rewrap" function that lets me fit the lines on 
a screen.  I put in extra blank lines for my own writing pleasure.

But you do write a good fight scene.  8{D>

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