LNH: Limp Eligibles for 2013 (plus a bonus)

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Thu Jan 9 17:23:55 PST 2014

[LNH] Limp Eligibles for 2013 (plus a bonus)
     Self Promotional Binge time, I guess.
     I didn't write much in 2013.  Actually, I didn't do much creative 
stuff at all.  I think part of that may partly have been reading too 
much Tumblr, plus covering a lot of books with clear contact for a 
friend which then had to be read before I returned them to him.  Mostly 
it was laziness though. 
Actual stories: 
* Bite-Size Tales of the LNH v20 #10   LNH20 & LNH Elsewhirl imprints
  'Sir Lancelot's Masticator' and [unnamed]
  Two stories for High Concept Challenge #35 ('Ruined Forever!')  In 
the first, Professor Penumbra tells Gift Wrapping Granny the Story of 
how Sir Lancelot lost his arm.  In the second, Can-Handle-Any-Type-Of-
Change-Except-For-The-Ultimate-Ninja-Wearing-A-Cape Lad acts as a 
distraction while Fourth Wall Lass destroys and deletes Nylarthotep.
Posted 9th Mar 2013.
* Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #57   NTB imprint
  'Merry File-System-Checking Christmas' 
  A Christmas story for High Concept Challenge #41 ('Christmas, with 
all its ancient horrors') starring Ring Job of the Net.Trenchcoat 
Brigade.  Posted 30th Dec 2013  
* Wrapped #0   LNH20 imprint
  'Secret Origin!'
  Origin story of Gift Wrapping Granny for High Concept Challenge 
36.5 ('One Minute Origin').  Posted 12th May 2013
and maybe, just *maybe*, if you squint at it hard and turn your head on 
its side:
* that skit in the 'Looniverse RACCies Eligibles for 2013' thread where
the three Anal-Rentitive Archive Kids update the eligibles list to 
include the co-authours of the _All-New LNH_ role-playing series. 
Posted 4th Dece 2013.
Cover descriptions:
* Cover Gallery #9i 
  'What price 'human' rights?'   posted 11th Nov 2013
* Cover Gallery #10i    
  'The Absence of the Absence's Absence'   posted 20th Nov 2013
* Cover Gallery #12i 
  'The Uncertain Fate of Harld Holt'   posted 26th Nov 2013
Mini Essays
* Pavlovian Meals 
  A 'True Story From RACC-Con', this was a rambling recollection that 
mainly focused on Perry Roger's fixation on star shapes and my 
experiments on using that to entice him to eat his dinner.
Out of those:
* Wrapped #0 would be eligible for Fave Mini Series
* Pavlovian Meals would be eligible for the Doctor Stomper Bronze Boot
* Pretty much anything listed above would be eligible for Fave Single 
Issue, I guess
* Technically Anal-Retentive Archive Kid III would be eligible for 
Fave New Character (she appeared in Jan 2013 to answer Dvandom's 
request for a list of High Concept Challenge topics)
Actually, speaking of the High Concept Challenge, let me distarct 
you from the extreme pausity of my creative output by giving the 
running list of High Concept Challenges.  Just another community 
service announcement:
01:  The forgotten man
02:  Superhuman worried about kids; uplifted but non-anthropomorphic 
03:  Talking to animals
04:  Kitbashing
05:  Anachronoid.
06:  "When the Earth becomes infested with hardwired aliens, one 
     Earthling and his/her chocolate respond by swimming."
07:  Olympics
08:  Opposites
09:  The red planet
10:  The immigrant experience
11:  Death traps
12:  Under the weather
13:  A legacy reclaimed
14:  Surprisingly awesome animal hero
15:  The new job / Subterranean world
16:  The epic poem
17:  Zombies
18:  Unicorn / sasquatch war
19:  'What is the secret of the silver skull machine?'
20:  Behind blue eyes  
21:  Summer blockbuster!
22:  Someone else's characters
23:  Mythrepresentation
24:  Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
25:  Le challenge French
26:  24 minute challenge
27:  The element of surprise
28:  The last place you'd think to look
29:  In the name Of good, ye not guilty
30:  Legion of Net.Heroes #50 collaboration
31:  Big monster battle
32:  Lateness
33:  (Neo)Edwardian comedy of manners and/or an apocalyptic Christian 
34:  Working class hero
35:  Ruined Forever! 
36:  Secret Identity Discovered  
36.5 One Minute Origin 
37:  Collaboration Challenge!
38:  Super-Pets!  
39:  Movie Plot Mash-ups!  
40:  Missing Adventures  
41:  Christmas, with all its ancient horrors
Saxon Brenton
Thinking about it, I might be eligible for a Myxomatosis Award for 
killing off all those breeding rabbits... 		 	   		  

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