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Cover shows Fourth Wall Lass buckled into a harness and stalking 
towards the viewer.  Watching are a crowd of Legionnaires who are 
looking on in various melodramatic states of shock, grim determination, 
or righteous indignation.  (Although many have clearly been wrangled 
in to fill out the crowd scene, since some of the LNHers at the rear 
look bored or are playing computer games on their iphones.)
The art style is hyper-realistic with fine line work... except 
for Fourth Wall Lass.  As she steps forwards her body loses colour 
and detail, until her foremost limb is totally abstracted into a 
silhouette composed of words like 'finger', 'thumb', 'wrist' and 'arm'.  
She exclaims: "The Fandom of the Alt.Ra has hidden Ultimate Ninja's 
katana in the SUBTEXT.  I must go further into FICTIONALITY than 
anyone has gone before.  Be ready to haul me back, or I may be lost 
forever in the WORDS BENEATH THE WORLD!"
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