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LNH: Cover Gallery #15i
][][][][][][][][][][][< COVER * GALLERY * #15i>][][][][][][][][][][][
Cover shows Convoluted Origin Man and Boy Redundant Lad in the 
foreground, recoiling in surprise from the sight of defeated Nazi 
soldiers lying about.  Those Nazis who aren't dead or unconscious are 
writhing on the ground, incapacitated and in many cases literally 
foaming at the mouth.  Advancing towards them from the background 
under the cover of a psychedelic fog are United States forces dressed 
in Sgt Pepper style coats.
One of the Nazis closest to the net.heroes has raised himself from 
the ground and points dramatically.  "Flee, travelers!  Schnell!  
We thought we could conquer this parallel Earth as well, but we were 
wrong!  The might of the Third Reich is as nothing compared to... 
][][][][][][][][][][][< * * * * * * * * * * *>][][][][][][][][][][][
Author's note: Randomly inspired after I read an article headline on 
The Beat about how the Beatles conquered America fifty years ago.
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