MISC: GODLING # 45: The Rise of the New Godling part 5: Evening of The Living Dead by J. Vandersteen

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GODLING # 45:  The Rise of the New Godling part  5: Evening of The Living Dead by J. Vandersteen 

- GODLING - THE ONE MAN PANTHEON:  The Rise of the New Godling part  4: The Rise of the New Godling part  5: Evening of The Living Dead

Nuclear Warrior is flying above New Troy's busy city center, blowing up cars with his nuclear blasts. He is surrounded by armed policemen who fire their guns at him. He simply disintegrates the bullets before they hit him, as he seems to be surrounded by an aura of nuclear energy.
    Wade Hudson, leading the cops shouts, "This is leading nowhere. We need to fall back!"
     Nuclear Warrior boasts, "Finally you learn. I am invincible. And the only way you can stop me from destroying this city is by paying me 50 million dollars! Tell your mayor!"
     "Dammit! Where is Godling when you need him," Wade says.
      Quentin Alexander looks on, helpless. "Yeah..."


L.A. From the gates of a cemetery the undead seem to pour into the city. Their supernatural strength knocking aside any citizen in their way, wounding and killing them.
    Godling lands in front of the horde of Ro-langs. Bonnie is in his arms, he gently puts her down and tells her, "Watch me take care of business."
     Acknowledging his presence the Ro-langs screech at him.
      "Nice to meet you too," Godling says. "Now prepare to be disemboweled." With unbridled fury he attacks, channeling the strength of Heracles to punch heads from shoulders, dismembering a Ro-lang and using those limbs to knock down others. Soon he stands on a heap of undead bodies, wielding a lightning bolt. The bolt takes care of two other Ro-langs storming at him.
      "Come and get it, you Walking Dead rejects!" Godling taunts.
      In fact there's not many Ro-langs left standing. Between their bodies a dark mist appears. From the mist steps The Dark Monk.
      "I am done with you, hero. It is time I take matters in my own hands," The Dark Monk says.
      "I don't know who you are, Fu Manchu, but I'm sure you're not any tougher than these zombies," Godling says.
      "You will bow before The Dark Monk," the villain says and his fists begin to glow with a strange energy. "Taste some of my mystical blasts."
      A purple blast of light is fired, hitting Godling in the chest before he can do anything. He is hurled against Bonnie who falls down on the ground.
      "Ha! I don't understand why my minions had so much trouble defeating you. Or perhaps my Ro-langs did their job of exhausting you, setting you up to die at my hands."
      Groaning, Godling stands up. "I channeled the invulnerability of Achilles just in time, Ming. Your blast just knocked the wind out of me. And now I'm going to knock a hell of a lot more out of you!"
      Godling runs towards the The Dark Monk with the speed of Hermes and takes a swing at him. The villain turns intangible, the One Man Pantheon hitting only air. The Dark Monk becomes tangible again, puts a hand against the hero's chest that starts to burn.
      "Burn, hero! Burn!" The Dark Monk says.
      "YOU burn!" Godling says, channeling the power of Hephaestus and treats the villain to a fireball, his clothes catching fire.
      The Dark Monk screams as the fire spreads, rolling on the floor to extinguish the flames.
      "Why are you after me anyway?" Godling asks.
       The Dark Monk slowly rises again, the fire extinguished. "I just cannot have you stand in the way of my rise to power as the prophesies say."
       "Tell me more," Godling says.
        "Why would I? I am only interested in your death!" The Dark Monk says and draws a strange dagger from his sleeve. "Taste the steel of my phurba!"
        Godling catches the phurba on his wristbands and then wrests it from the villain with the speed of Hermes. He puts it against the chin of The Dark Monk and says, "Now tell me who you are and why you want me dead. With the speed of Hermes there's no way you can harm me or get free faster than I can pierce your chin."
     "Very... well... According to the Khyung deity I summoned  you would prevent me from finding the Chintamani stone that will give me the power to fulfill my every wish."
     "Dude, I haven't got a clue what you are talking about. But it sounds like it will be a good idea to rid this world of your presence."
     "Wait!" Bonnie yells. "You're not going to kill him, are you?"
      Godling turns his head to face her. "What? Why not?"
      "What kind of hero would you be if you just executed him like that?" Bonnie says.
      "The kind of hero who saves the world by the sound of it," Godling answers.
      "Thank you for the distraction, woman!" The Dark Monk says and uses said distraction to slap Godling's wrist, turning the dagger away from his chin. He follows up with a lightning fast kick between the hero's legs. The One Man Pantheon goes to his knees.
      "The next time we meet I will make sure you die!" The Dark Monk says and with a spell he disappears, leaving only dark mist.
       "Are you okay?" Bonnie asks Godling, helping him stand up.
       "No thanks to you... Ugh... That hurt..."
       "Sorry about that."
       "Yeah, don't worry about it. I'm sure I can use the power of Aesculapius to heal any damage."
       "Still, that Dark Monk guy seems like serious threat. You should really go after him."
       "I haven't got a clue where he went. Besides, we have a date, right?"
       "I told you before we don't have a date. It's an interview."
       "I am very sure we have a date," Godling says, using the power of Aphrodite.
       Bonnie embraces Godling and bites her lip in a sexy pose. "I am very sure as well."


Quentin carries Janson over his shoulder, fireman-style as stuff blows up all over the place. He manages to put her into a police car, telling the driver to, "DRIVE! DRIVE!"
      The car speeds off as Quentin brushes Janson's cheek. "Please be okay!"
       Meanwhile, Wade is on the phone while he fires off an ocassional bullet from a 9mm just to keep Nuclear Warrior busy. "What? Speed Metal is tearing up people at a Justin Kiefer concert? But we're all busy here with Nuclear Warrior. We need reinforcements. Quick!"

The mayor's office.
The mayor watches the TV and sees how Nuclear Warrior is basically blowing up the city. He sighs and says, "Time to shell out some dough and fly in some help. I haven't got the kind of bucks Nuclear Warrior asks me, but I do have enough to hire... The Circuit!"

NEXT ISSUE: Fresh from their debut in Godling's World... The Circuit!

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